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  1. My brother and I got a used one back in the 70s. I kept mine at college for a while, could easily carry it upstairs to my dorm room. I could fit a young lady in with me if we both snuggled up sideways:-) My brother used to sail it fully swamped like a mobile hot tub during hot summer days. Made a new sail out of Kmart nylon using the old one as a pattern. My mother hauled it to the dump because the plastic cracked, it might have even had a hole through it. I was upset, it was styrofoam, who cared about a hole? Best fun for the buck boat I’ve ever had.
  2. For what it’s worth, this used to be pretty standard in Hobie racing. Competitor’s fault for not reading SIs, but nobody told him after the first one?
  3. The Hobie 20 was a ( licensed?) version of the Hurricane, but with daggerboards instead of the Brit boat’s centerboards. I can’t say how much the Hurricane copied from the Pringle 19, or vice versus.
  4. Left out the Mystere 6.0 :-) I had the privilege of racing in the Catamaran Racing Association of the Chesapeake (CRAC) when open races still attracted sizable fleets. Nacra 5.8s and 6.0s, Mysteres, Hobie 20s, Prindle 19s, and the old single-trap Tornados mixing it up with the occasional Nacra 18 Square. A good sailor on any one of these might beat any of the other brands. Fun times; pretty much went away along with the 100-boat plus Hobie events :-( ps: I'll take the A Cat over any one of these for ease of setup and moving on the beach :-)
  5. I haven't been keeping up. Is this the new class legal boat or the old no-longer-class-legal one? Actually looks like they did a petty good job (except for the wrong class symbol)
  6. "70 wallet-fucking feet of boat" Awesome; gonna have to borrow that. Sometimes you can have 20 wallet-fucking feet of boat...
  7. Not saying this works for every case, but it sure seems to work here...
  8. Christine in her first life!! Nobody driving
  9. If its good enough for his small block, its good enough for him :-)
  10. Rosina Revelle, down to the beauty mark on her cheek
  11. I just put a winch in mine so I don't have to bust a gut pushing my boat trailer up an inclined driveway. Should have done it 20 years ago ;-(
  12. Should check out beachcats.com, lots of experience over there. If you drill holes for epoxy injection, use a drill stop to limit hole depth, because you only want to go thru the top glass layer and the foam inside, NOT the inner layer of glass.
  13. Minor correction, looks like they left Cape Town 5 Feb and arrived home 5 Jun; not 14 months getting back. Real sailing, for sure. Wonder how dry that boat is below...
  14. Disclaimer, I sail one of the “old breeding stock” classics. Those boats pretty much rule in light air, although most people don’t like to sail or race in light air :-). Trapeezing downwind has upped the game for the classics, and the purpose-built new classics look pretty fast. I haven’t seen a lot of the convertible boats but so far the foilers look very draggy in c board versions. Classics are very simple (although adjustable rake dagger boards adds a big variable), and the foilers seem to keep getting more complex :-). Do you like to tinker as much as you like to sail? Do you want
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