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  1. PHRF New England Championship will be July 15th and 16th in Falmouth, Maine. Hosted by Handy Boat Service and Hallet Canvas and Sails. https://www.regattaman.com/def_event_page.php?race_id=341&cancel_dest=calendar.php
  2. Perhaps we get this thing to rise from the dead...
  3. SA Classified listing: http://sailinganarchy.com/classifieds/show-ad/?id=501/ G They are all for sale for a price!
  4. Wow. With Kitty gone cruisin' it looks like this thread is dead...
  5. We can rebuild it! The leash has new strings!
  6. z Revo XII will be sailing in the Gulf of Maine this summer with the 'regular suspects'!
  7. What is it Max? Farr or Corby? Rating? 30....
  8. boothbay regatta 2010: best regatta weather in recent memory! good time! typical byc government mark course for sunday's last race....
  9. Pardon my intrusion but the 2010 cordage inventory is here in Portland. Let me know if anyone needs any 'strings' for this upcoming sailing season!
  10. So what happened at the GMORA meeting? -Any new pllans for 2010 GMORA Racing Season? -New Officers? or perhaps a Coup de Etat?:
  11. Can any one tell us more about some of the post GMORA meeting 'dirt'?
  12. Quiet Real quiet... I do believe I just saw a tumbleweed roll on by... Anyways, Happy Holiday to all!
  13. Retired? http://www.lasolidaireduchocolat.com/en/la...sport-news.html I heard they suffered from massive electrical failure during the storm.
  14. Anyone got MS Regatta Results? Good day of sailing!
  15. If we want to encourage the non-sailing community to come to regatta parties all we need to do is drop the frou-frou gin and craft ale sponsors and replace them with Allen's and Bud. Then just throw open the gates... G Word! Only thing that I would change to your words of wisdom is to give sailors the choice between PBR or Bud! Lets keep local yacht racing events as affordable as possible.
  16. Hey! Perhaps we can learn something from the recent Farr 30 Championships on the great lakes: "Much has been said on many threads recently about how a good regatta should be run. Let me tell you about this one. Picture a small town on the water with no hotels/motels, or condos. What do you do? Pack your tent and set up camp in many of the village parks because the city encourages it. They even cater to it by having plenty of clean porta potties because you are pissing so much b/c of the ridiculous amount of cheap booze. They had a semi trailer with numerous beer selections and Mt Gay b
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