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  1. Planning on running the race circuit in the Great Lakes, may have room for crew. Queen's cup, Chicago Mac, Bay city. Wild Thing, Taking no prisoners
  2. She will be impressive when someone figures out the graphics
  3. 25ft x 14ft, all carbon Morrelli C class, turbo charged, converted with 39ft Marstrom mast, 400 lbs, over size main, head sails, screecher, phrf approximately -80
  4. Love to race, if I could find crew
  5. Nana texted my 8 year old grandson, when he visits tomorrow he cant play until he cleans his room
  6. Scotty, We need more power But Captain, I am giving all that she's got
  7. Trump would of just nuked it, but I think he used them all up in controlling hurricanes
  8. Not too many people own a submarine base, play station, and one of the fastest boats in the world, Hydroptere.. RIP
  9. Look me up next year, if I am around I can find you a ride. Cheers, Stephen R2akteamgoldenoldies Dick Newick ruined my life when he told me second place is first place loser. PS, I race to win
  10. Hard not to make a joke, cant beat a good woodie
  11. Hmmm, So, Walmart is owned by the Walton's I did hear that John liked to do things on his own merit, and he was well liked. I also know of John's love of trimarans, and sad that he died in a lightweight plane, Only wished I had a chance to of met him. Still believe Ian's x arms are a modification of the old one piece garage door opener, and Ian of course revolutionized the modern, trailerable, wonderful trimaran that are darn fast.
  12. Your boat, your dream
  13. Cape Horn eats much larger craft for breakfast, but glad to hear Ryan is crafty, he will need it
  14. I sailed on her with Russell and Richard Woods, the fun factor is off the charts, like riding a wheelie on a lightweight bike, of course there are risks. Ryan has some balls, and making it around has very little value in my book, but just trying makes me take off my hat. What a great adventurer he is, and may his deeds inspire others to live their lives to the fullest .
  15. Correction, he bought one new sail, and a new engine. Harris's son is a surveyor and would be a wealth of information. There are a couple of people interested , but I think you could get him down to a great price as he is not using her. No pony in the race
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