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  1. Yes, but, Moving to North Carolina, so soon to be splashed, of course your invited
  2. We are departing New Jersey around December 6th, stopping in North Carolina, then Bahamas, if you need a photo boat we can help out . Cheers, Stephen R2akteamgoldenoldies
  3. Yes, how embarrassing, it was only the third day sailing her, and both downhauls were cheesey
  4. Jim Gardiner was working with the Gougeon's when he built her, 34x26 2000lbs
  5. I was excited to visit all the ports mentioned, but realized it would make more sense to use a motorcycle, just as wet, and without the tides. Then I decided to sail to the Azores, south, warmer, and the bucket list is to cross an ocean. Thanks for all the ideas, flying into London this month
  6. Nothing for you to be jealous of, what a awesome ride, wow
  7. 1900 miles each way, 3800 miles? J , man you need to get out of the house, go sailing, send us a picture of your boat sailing, not interested in your tits.
  8. Are you seriously still having a conversation about mileage?
  9. Who cares? 4200 miles it, Boise to new Orleans
  10. Now why would anyone put cool boats in their yard? For their health? Funny how people never ponder what may be the reason.
  11. Morrelli/ Melvin 1991 Little America's cup, c class 25
  12. I love the older f27's, but generally stay away from them, as they don't talk to me. They are easy to find.
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