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  1. Reminds me a little bit of Viktor's solution. https://www.seahorsemagazine.com/95-content/april-2016/349-unique-is-just-a-word http://oceanschool.ru/wp-content/uploads/2014/03/Viktor-the-Russian.pdf?fbclid=IwAR3pOQ6qCqnhXpymkHW-SiQQMPN3XSSxYm21TDBGkviEZ0SDdXzVMnXeemo
  2. Plenty of talk and opinion on these threads of you have a look.
  3. Wish I could claim to have been there, always wanted to sail the lake. More than likely my previous boat was there, and in more than capable hands.
  4. Pretty sure Crackerjack (II? def Adams 10) has been in Hobart for 20+ years.
  5. You can buy a LOT of fuel for the cost of rig and sails.
  6. Its not the first time this design has featured in "What Is It"...
  7. An early childhood friend - kindergarten, and a few years after- used to sail a mirror with his dad, and tell me all bout it. It sounded exciting, and I nagged my parents to get a boat... they finally got their own boat when I was in my mid 20s... but in the meantime, as soon as I was old enough for sailing school they sent me along. It was probably a good investment, kept me mostly out of trouble...
  8. They're both sailboats....While you're at it how 'bout the difference between a Subaru Forester and a Ride-on lawnmower...
  9. https://mg.co.za/article/2011-01-21-who-is-hans-klaar/ Pretty sure this is the article that someone else posted... but google seems to provide countless links that I won't bother scanning through..... A remarkable sailor regardless.
  10. I think this has come up elsewhere in these threads... Hans... not the most pleasant of characters.
  11. Larry and Lin Pardey cruised those waters, and (I think) rounded the Horne westabout engineless with Talesien - I think she was 30 odd feet... but that was Larry and Lin.
  12. Can't remember any of the design specifics, but the reason she had the spectra rigging was she hot her rig tangled in the bowsprit of a large square rigger during the sail-past for the previous Wooden Boat Festival. Spent a long time sitting in that berth with a forlorn little stump before finally getting her rig replaced... That's my memory of it, anyhow. No idea where she is these days, sorry.
  13. I always thought of my last boat as a cruiser - I knew I'd regret selling her.
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