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  1. Early Tasmanian fishing boat - they generally have a wheelhouse like that. Built as a commercial vessel, so doesn't qualify. ... I guess growing up with them I've always found them beautiful, and she's a well preserved example.. you'd certainly appreciate the shelter if you saw the conditions they fish in. As for the exhaust, JonB is onto it - I believe it gibe longer engine life - again, commercial consideration ... gotta admit that was nearly a downvote from me as I took it a bit too personally!
  2. Thanks -I hadn't noticed that little snippet - I take it the (tri) system relies on the low volume amas, not pitchpoling, and the buoyancy of the wing mast? Despite having a wing mast, Russel has kept the mast float - I guess more volume'd be required in the mast to lose the float.
  3. Thought I'd watched all those, and only saw the G32 being righted - no tris.
  4. To continue the drift slightly, I've seen how the 32 was rerighted, but have always wondered the process for Ollie?
  5. Another beach I find special, though the tidal sand flats make boating in anything more than a canoe less than ideal... d'Entrecasteaux Channel again. Apologies for the picture quality - phone photo off the back of the camera.
  6. The Davidson I always admired has finally sold (a steal at the price)... https://yachthub.com/list/yachts-for-sale/used/sail-monohulls/davidson-52-exceptional-racer-cruiser-highly-competitive/243051 I couldn't tell you how many times she's overtaken me like we were standing still....
  7. ^ Yeah, I'm just trying to bait Livia;) ... She's looking good.
  8. Didn't seem to be for sale, but there's something suspiciously similar to this on the RYCT slip...
  9. Saw that too, but it was only a glimpse. Looked more Grainger than Rapido, but it was gone before I could get a good look.
  10. Maybe not my outright favourite beach, but one of my favourite photos from the summer... the things my sends me while I'm at work!
  11. Another unsolicited boat in that size-range that would be close to the ultimate cruiser (though no idea of price, and doesn't have a lift keel).... http://www.wyliedesigngroup.com/Composite/Pages/Convergence_-_66_Custom_Cruiser.html#20
  12. Replace science with proa... though you probably struggle with science too.
  13. Speaking of Bulgers, I don't remember if this has been posted - or indeed if I've already posted it - but this was built where I used to holiday 30 odd years ago, I have always found it an oddly beautiful craft. Obviously capable too, having sailed the whole east coast of Australia and beyond.
  14. Thank you Russ. That Summer sailing in BC had my heart fluttering like I was newly in love, absolutely stunning, and looks like more fun than you can have with pants on!
  15. A friend's brother (and brother of a respected occasional poster over in Ocean Racing Anarchy) is building another proa, not far from Sidecar. No doubt it'll face a host of teething troubles, but Matt and his brothers have plenty of experience in all types of sailboats - including proas. Nothing is new, but proas are a type of craft where refinement and innovation can really break new ground. https://youtu.be/IsdX90OImh0
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