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  1. Nobody wants to close the border. Immigrants have made this country. It's about the rate of flow. There is a big difference between unrestricted immigration and manageable flow.
  2. I may agree or disagree with you and I get similar gut reactions to many "Random" images.  We enjoy the issues of history, art, motors etc and learn from the discourse.  There are many here in "Random" I disagree with but we keep it in PA where gut reactions are fun, entertaining and expexted.

  3. This year I grew Brandywine tomatoes for the first time. We made BLTs with fresh romaine a little mayo and bacon on toast. It was wonderful.
  4. Point taken and I apologize for the emotional outburst.
  5. I hope I was polite and earnest:D

  6. Don't trust the numbers coming out of Florida 300 testing sites are reporting %100 positive when the actual number is less than %7. It's politics.
  7. I'm also into composting. To get a faster turnover I've been grinding veg with a meat grinder. Looking for a better solution.
  8. You don't here about what it's like here. I had a guy with a bull horn from a helicopter tell me to get back in my house.
  9. There is one place in the UP called Fayetville where they made pig iron. The building and furnaces have been restored and they have tours. It's a good 3 - 4 hour tour and nice to break up the long drive from Wisconsin.
  10. If you're looking to get through a big backlog, look at renting some time on AWS. If your swapping/paging you don't have enough memory or bad code. The fastest way to fix that is with more memory. About 6 months back I spun up a a rehl server with 16 cores and 4gb of memory and it was ready to use in 20 minutes. You just have to remember to shut it down when you're done.
  11. Social benefits of uncontrolled emigration.
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