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  1. Possibly... there was definitely money involved... but I don’t THINK so... The son involved here was Stockton, informally known as Stocky who I am learning has also passed on (which was surprising to me even at my ‘ripe’ age on these boards- I would have guessed he was young for passing along)... the story you site was an awesome read, but seems to dwell in the mid-Atlantic area- and I don’t think Stocky’s real name was Lewis... I will certainly stand to be corrected, but it seems a different family?
  2. My timeframe/knowledge is definitely similar to yours. At the beginning of this thread I mentioned once sailing on the boat that I THINK I’m going to be sailing on again in either the late 90’s or relatively early 00’s... but this boat and the Morris you describe were side by side on the Smith’s personal pier at their place on MDI... I don’t know what happened to THAT boat, but I 100% remember it...
  3. Of all things I think I am going to do the monhegan race up here this summer now on this thing... the details as I know them are vague- I guess the boat has been donated to one of the academies, and there is a deal in place to race it this year in the Monhegan race before said donation... that’s what I know now... hope she gets a diet before then, but will still be the most comfortable boat I’ve ever done that race on even if she doesn’t!
  4. As much as I didn't want to see it, it was a spectacular shot on goal. But CHELS through to the semis anyway!
  5. I gotcha... but Yanmar cuts a large swath these days, and I didn't know what you were looking at! Heck, we just did a electronic motor installation down in the 45hp range this off season!
  6. It seems that there are fewer and fewer around these days, and hopefully some of the guys further downeast chime in as I just don't know as many in that neck of the woods. We use Kevin Harris in Bath a lot, and he is a really knowledgeable and likeable guy. Harris Marine Surveyors, LLC 98 State Road Bath, ME 04530, USA (207) 837-2819 Let me know if you get stuck on a Yanmar guy. I currently don't have anyone factory trained in electronic motors (Covid sort of disrupted the training plan for last off season) but I do have a tech that is mechanically factory trained up to the 4
  7. I don't think I'd personally have an issue with that particular seller, judging by the positive feedback they have and (as others have said) there are all kinds of reasons that the Kanzaki box would have been removed. Especially since it certainly seems that they sell ZF gears (assuming the Fred Warner Marine in WA is also the fredwarner1 on ebay).
  8. Well, that is going to be a little bit of a question- as we always used the ScotchCal too! So I don't have anything out there right now with realistically more than 1-2 seasons on it. Maybe it was luck of the draw, but I haven't seen any of the Oracal with wavy edges or anything like that. But, I see what you mean, it seems people say that relatively often at least through the amazon reviews- we get ours through a distributer, so maybe there is better quality control? The CS Hyde stuff REALLY pops, it is super shiny and applies easily. Obviously they claim that it is long lasting, bu
  9. It sounds like you already found what you were looking for, but we have had really good luck with both the Oracal Gold 651 and the CS Hyde Metalized products if you wanted the more 'shiny' finish similar to that scotchcal stuff... Oracal: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01LZ1INSF/ref=sspa_dk_detail_0?psc=1&pd_rd_i=B01LZ1INSF&pd_rd_w=nCkAM&pf_rd_p=085568d9-3b13-4ac1-8ae4-24a26c00cb0c&pd_rd_wg=QlgEf&pf_rd_r=0XHBHZQ65PQDVX9ZNXP4&pd_rd_r=149d92c9-36c2-4d2b-9513-a5a95a3dcee6&smid=AY6AHC5QX4SBQ&spLa=ZW5jcnlwdGVkUXVhbGlmaWVyPUExNUNUS005TllBWEhYJmVuY3J5cHRlZElkPUEwOTcwN
  10. Did you not even have to pull the bungs? It doesn't appear so on the cabin front anyway... nice work!
  11. A few pics... here is one of our racks- this is mostly where we store the longer spars (ie, not mizzens). All of these 'only' got the 'scratch and recoat' treatment, except for the Controversy stick (second up from the bottom).... Here is the aforementioned Controversy mast. You can see the fairly large scarf that has been done in the past, as well as the entire mast track base was replaced this year. Also on the 6M mast below you can see where there had been an issue with the spreader hardware that involved some stripping and feathering, but the customer opted not to strip the enti
  12. Yeah, of course they are madness! Ours here happen to get pulled yearly- and MOST also at least inspected, scratched, and re-coated. Usually we would only strip them for a major repair or if a few years of minor repairs were going to be too hard to build back up the varnish level. Ours are exclusively (I'm almost certain) sitka spruce masts, all hollow, most 'box' type, and most at least tapered some. I mean, I suppose a 'maintenance plan' can vary pretty greatly year to year, you know? Some years it may be a quick scotch brite and re-coat. Some years it may be a complete hardware remova
  13. There were some goals scored this weekend to be sure- and yeah, unfortunate for us Blues fans that FIVE of them came against us... it is a little odd that Tuchel still hasn't seemed to REALLY settle on a 'preferred' lineup yet... but (with the exception of this weekend) it seems to be working for him, so who am I to judge? Southampton v Burnley was entertaining and at least Newcastle stopped Tottenham from making TOO many inroads towards the CL spots... I stepped out for a minute during the Villa Fulham game so I didn't see that go pear-shaped for Fulham but it seemed to pretty quick...
  14. Oh, we have gone through plenty of stainless conversations here over the years, don't get me wrong... we even supply the Wera SS bits/drivers to the guys to minimize any of that... Even working at another yard in Maine, I certainly can't take anything away from the LM guys!
  15. All the best, Hobot! Sheesh, those of us kicking around the forums this long have to stick together! You've got this!
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