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  1. suider

    EPL. 2021

    I'm no United fan, but it was good to see City at least kept a little in check! And, boy, Liverpool is having a rough go... reminds me of Chelsea's defense of the title a few years ago!!
  2. suider

    Early Merriman 396 #2 winch

    Sorry, stepped away from all things boat this weekend- but I appreciate it!
  3. suider

    Early Merriman 396 #2 winch

    I realize it's likely a stretch- Does anyone have an early 396 #2 kicking around that they'd like to sell? I'm trying to match one from the other side of a customer's boat. Even if it is non-working, I honestly only need the top threaded piece (again, it's a 396, so no hole for the locking pin on the 395s) but I would happily buy the whole winch at this point. I can still find other internals, and eBay has not been my friend so far. It's definitely pre-1963, as it has the round pawls- but I'm not even sure that matters for the top screw- but it DOES have to be the bottom-action model as opposed to top. Anyway, if anyone has one from an old project boat, hit me up!
  4. suider

    head replacement- suggestions?

    I happen to agree with you 100% re the Lavac- but, WOW, have I seen customers have issues with them. From not getting the siphon break appropriately ‘dialed in’, to not even understanding the lid needs to be closed, to some spectacular clogs (as in, send the new guy to deal with that)- I’m almost sure I get the most complaints about them- although, to clarify, almost ALL issues are operator-error... I really like the simplicity of the system... but I think that certain types of people just have a hard time getting them to work correctly... MUCH to my chagrin, I can’t disagree with you at all. We carry/sell a certain brand of composting head and (in stark contrast to above) I hear very few complaints about them, and clearly the science is sound. I just wish (at least the brand we carry) could be a little less obtrusive and plastic looking... but it is actually a real solution that works very well for a lot of people.
  5. suider

    Kuuma water heater

    Purely from a colloquial standpoint I think the build quality on the Raritan units MAY be a little better than the aforementioned brands, but I'm not convinced I would choose it over, say, an Isotemp/Isotherm if I 'needed' a cylinder model- they are also around the same price and I just feel like you have more mounting options. I also just personally like the rectangles/cubes rather than the cylinders, as I think there ends up being less wasted space when it has to be shoehorned into a small place.
  6. suider

    Kuuma water heater

    We have installed several and I have to say I've seen the same type of failure rate as the much more expensive models- which is to say not much. They are markedly less expensive which has made them appealing to the customer, but the build quality seems comparable. Obviously when you make the jump to some of the really nice heaters (as opposed to the ubiquitous stamped metal cubes) there are some differences, but I have a hard time recommending the customer buy a $7-800 Whale or Scandvik over the $4-500 Kuuma. EDIT: I should mention that you should get the anode kit for the Kuuma. IIRC, they ship without them, but we always install them. So that does add 20-25 bucks.
  7. ok, then... I couldn't list EVERYTHING
  8. Well, I'm not going to out anyone, but, yes, he is a friend of mine that worked at the same yard as I do for several years and now is at another yard. But it would be selling him short to only label him as a mechanic, that's for sure! Electrical, woodwork, mechanics.. he can do it all
  9. So, apologies for the continued hijack, but I did find a few more.. the first being the 'Dyer-Gram' where it is referred to as hull number 29-01... Interesting I had never noticed in this letter they refer to it as #0.... Down below when I got the boat. Clearly some signs of neglect, and I never really loved the port light forward... I removed the deck framing and laminated 2 layers of 4(? maybe 3?)mm plywood to compensate for the stiffness that would be lost. And Mrs. Suider as a model.... This was launch day the first year... so, yeah, she looks shiny, but it was still pretty rough that year... The foredeck with bowrail removed, working on fairing and some smallish wood repairs... as well as removing that forward port... And the fastest (ie still not perfect) nonskid job in history... when you work at a boatyard you try and get 'little' jobs like this done during coffee break!!
  10. suider

    Time to get serious, daysailer shopping

    Jeepers, beating the price on that little S2 that you found is gonna be rough for what you get. Yeah, she may not be the prettiest girl at the dance and that OMC drive is a little wonky... but it's only 1/3 of your budget!
  11. Non parlo italiano, ma penso che sia davvero un'ottima idea! Dovrebbe essere più facile eliminare le persone che vogliono solo discutere, di cui sembra che ce ne siano molte!
  12. Ha- thought I had posted some of her before... in the sailor’s powerboat thread! So this was the first year I owned her and she was pretty rough around the, well, not just the edges. But we through a decent one-part at the hull and got her lettered and decided to just run it. So don’t look too close! Since we have pulled the erector set bow rail, non skidded the deck, I removed all of the cabin frames and laminated a new overhead to improve the limited headroom and made some custom handrails for the cabin top due to the lack of bow rail... And just so it isn’t a complete hijack, this was heading out the backside of French’s heading to the Harpswell lobster boat races probably 8-10 years ago? Something like that...
  13. I will- I just have to go through my various drives, etc to find them. Mine is actually one of a kind (yeah, I know everyone says that! But it’s true!) When Potter designed the Dyer 29 for Dyer, a stipulation was that they made the plug for the mold out of wood, and as a real boat (plank on frame) that could be finished off. That is what they did, and that is Scout (my boat). It was flipped and cold molded over the original plank and frame back in the 80’s at some point, which has held up really well, but mine is still considered the only wooden Dyer 29. I have this great old typewritten letter from Dyer to a previous owner explaining that they consider the first glass 29 hull number 1, but his (again, now mine) hull number 01. I probably should have named it Genesis! I’ll at least see if I can post some photos of her tomorrow.
  14. Just a few from my part of the coast... top is my eldest (now nine) on the bow of our Dyer. Yes, she isn’t wearing a PFD, but I’m holding both of her hands, we are rafted up at anchor and, well, she’s still alive so she didn’t drown. And she did/does wear one most times. Second is my view from work most mornings- to the left is the working pier and to the right is our marina... a shockingly copacetic relationship for decades considering how close we are- this shot is basically the ‘exit’ from our travel lift ways...
  15. suider

    Wandavision... Anyone watching?

    yeah, yeah, i hear you... but I think that expectation was off because then it would be implied that it was on prime earth (like the original comics)... and, like you said- this isn't Vision's house!! i keep looking for any 928 references (not sure if that's the same you have been looking for), but haven't seen any yet... I was hoping THAT was the direction we'd be going...