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  1. Thanks Rainman. It's surely the technique used by manufacturer of my boat. Just sanded off 40 year old gelcoat nonskid on the cabin top and wasn't sure what was going back. Moondust area in photo has been covered since 1981 with a turtle hatch so good example for comparing. Thanks again for posting.
  2. Not sure about cool, Maybe different. https://barges.apolloduck.com/boat/barges-sailing-barge-for-sale/666977
  3. Good eye, Trippy it is. Galaxy 32
  4. You're right! ...and didn't pay much attention to hull form. That looks like and old 5.5 meter hull --either 32' Sabre or Scorpion but again, cabin shy of mast. Conundrum for sure.
  5. It's a Soverel 28. Recall a blue hulled MORC named "The Incident"
  6. https://www.yachtsalvage.com/listings/YS210049/
  7. Yes, likely. Think Ted's 1st Robin Too a 36 footer also. Early Little Harbors had wonderful cast bronze stem chocks. That and the cove stripe detail, the giveaway.
  8. Looks Ted Hoodish. Maybe an early Maas Little Harbor sans mizzen??
  9. He's not showcasing his artwork but found Art Paine's zoom presentation enjoyable. First 6:20 minutes to be avoided.
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