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  1. Sloop, I have had some close-up dealings with that system. I'd say it is about money, but only secondarily. It is ultimately about power, and money is one of the key tools which can make power.
  2. what would you be looking for in a new 37-footer HR that the HR372 doesn't have?
  3. TillerWars© coming soon to a pay TV channel near you. Like AnchorWars, TravellerWars and OffsetCompanionwayWars, but with more sharp things. No tits, but lots of blood.
  4. Sorry, in Hiberno-English that phrase "yer man" is non-possessive: https://idioms.thefreedictionary.com/yer+man
  5. So the current has carried the boat out of the environment
  6. True, but that's not a high bar I think the junkboat is also way cooler than yer man Bezos's new $500m toy:
  7. Thanks, Elegua. If you have rope in the system, that looks like a good way of doing it.
  8. This was originally posted in UglyBoats by @Santana20AE .. and while it is indeed ugly, I think it's also way cool. It seems to be made entirely out of scrap, with zero concern for aesthetics ... but it floats, it moves and it looks like its lived on. I think it's a piece of eccentric genius
  9. Actually, I think that's kinda brilliant. It appears to be made entirely from assorted waste materials, and it seems to be in use. I have re-posted it in Coolboats, where I think it belongs:
  10. So no decent looting opportunities, then? Remote coastal communities need the odd wreck as a bonus
  11. i googled Yale bridle, but the results were all about horses. Can you explain more?
  12. That dangerously exposed high bridgedeck as path to companionway was marketed as a safety feature ... but as far as I can see its real purpose was to allow the installation of a big bonkbed for the owner without loss of headroom in the cabin' standing area. Once sterns got wider and more voluminous, headroom beside the bonkbed could be achieved without the raised bridgedeck, so that feature vanished.
  13. that boat is obviously owned by a highly successful musician
  14. I just realised that one of SA's great mysteries has been solved. We no longer need to wonder what happened to HotRod after the 3200sft catamaran fell apart. It seems that he got to pass on his construction techniques to a prolific cat builder ...
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