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  1. well f'ing ignore it then
  2. 22x2 as in millions for damages got off sleasy
  3. https://seaforthboatrental.com/locations/
  4. Here and Now It isn't the possible cost of two million dollars or the likely two million man hours worked nor the potential two million views this project might receive but the fact that it is happening at all..
  5. Oliver is a knucklehead, but a smart mf er all the same imho. In between all the 'zany' bits the crux of this piece is well covered; PACE is not a government program, it jacks your home taxes and, (most shocking) places a priority lien on your home hindering or possibly preventing resale with certain mortgage lenders. Unfuckingbelievable. Of course this crowd bought their solar outright,, but if you know someone considering this program advise to stay far away.
  6. I have "heard" that hard wax and varnish will save it. For a while. Similar to what the Talley Ho boys did to her bronze knees and hooks. That led to; Six Common Methods and Formulas for Metal Finishes https://www.traditionalbuilding.com/product-report/methods-for-metal-finishes Which led to; https://www.everbritecoatings.com/bronze They say Everbrite coatings will do the following for your bronze: Everbrite coatings will seal and protect bronze to prevent tarnish oxidation and patina for years. The coatings are self-annealing and graffiti
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