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  1. Leo is livestreaming the Whisky Plank today! From Facebook:
  2. Bothnian Bay around 5 am in July 2017. First trip up there since I was a kid. Got to chase my son around the woods my great grandfather grew up in.
  3. Well with a promise like that how can I not join in on the patreon?
  4. My google-fu says the only NAAB Accredited program North of Atlanta is Kennesaw State in Marietta. (Boring long read: The NAAB is the accrediting body for Architecture schools and whether or not their programs are of sufficient quality to award Professional Degrees which are a requirement to become a Licensed Architect. Basically if you want to be an Architect (actually legally protected title like Doctor) your first big step is the professional degree. Then a lengthy internship period and licensing exams.)
  5. The Uma crew went to Architecture school, which having done so myself, explains their good eyes for editing and overall quality of their vids. Aside from Leo's rebuild of Tally Ho, it's the only sailing related YouTube channel I subscribe to.
  6. So... will they be able to collect on the judgement? What's it mean for Ullman?
  7. I'd like to know more, too. There hasn't been much news on them at all since Shannon's documentary.
  8. IIRC Shannon Falcone owns(owned?) the F4 version which looks to be the only continuation. DNA has the F4 listed as no longer in production. Seems the wipeout video really did kill the interest in it.
  9. I've been binging this series to catch up for the last few weeks... I think Episode 73 "Finishing the Deck Structure" has got to be the most satisfying to date. It's a volunteer going nuts on the floors... I think you can see Leo's annoyance in his expression a couple times.
  10. This is the level I should take with my H16... It's a 1980.
  11. I'll be 40 next year and I volunteer as tribute should you put together a Chicago or Bayview to Mac crew...
  12. Isn't the general idea to keep ones feet towards the bow in the event of a collision while sleeping underway?
  13. Watched these last week, the high res footage on a big screen is pretty fantastic, especially episodes 1 and 4 (Smart TV, Fire Stick, Roku, etc). Even my wife showed interest and she's... not an enthusiastic sailor. I'm gonna get in a lot of trouble if I put a spinnaker kit on my Hobie 16!
  14. If I still lived down in Sarasota I'd be all over this just for the giggles.
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