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  1. Lately I’ve been buying Sta-set and using the cover. How’s the Yale compare to Sta-set?
  2. Hope he makes enough money off of it to buy a new pair of shoes.
  3. Agree, sometimes shit just happens. I’d say they handled it very well.
  4. You gonna hold the sheets cruising 24/7 sailing short handed?
  5. Also not a good idea to use on fire water systems, particularly in an engine room. Don’t ask me how I know…….
  6. We’ve seen several fridges floating in the water over the years. Some with prop marks on them. Wouldn’t think they would do that much damage though. Perhaps they hit the container the fridges floated out of?
  7. Ummm, except for the part where he said he was knocked off his feet so hard that he thought he might have been unconscious for a bit.
  8. They still have 1600 nm to go. They probably would like a little shape to the bow, other than a blunt, jagged bow.
  9. Personally, I wouldn’t touch the newer redesigned Gemini’s with the twin diesels and fixed keels.
  10. We had one for 5 years, great boat for what it is. We kept it relatively light, even though we lived aboard, and we thought it sailed great.
  11. Good to know! If we’re out in the pacific and run low on water, we’ll hail a carrier and see if they can spare 20 gallons.
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