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  1. Paging Rasputin! How about some details about the titanium catamaran please.
  2. Not our cat, but that’s us in our dinghy.
  3. I put a strip of Keelguard on our main hull bow to protect it from dings from the anchor. Came out great!
  4. I thought you had to have a Wharram for that!
  5. Or get a boat that doesn’t have to plane to have decent speed!
  6. Aluminum Spade is what we heave used on our boat, which weighs 11,000# fully loaded. It’s held in 60+ knot gusts.
  7. Good to hear there’s going to be a new fleet of cruising tri’s out sailing!
  8. Sure would be cool to have adjustable dihedral. Floats down at anchor and up when sailing!
  9. You’re certainly correct. I’m sure it sails much better after a copious amount of rum!
  10. So, a cruising boat that always requires 2 people on watch.......
  11. Personally, I’ve always thought boats like that make great motorsailors. One thing I’ve never understood though, how do you see around the headsail?
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