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  1. good to see. i am ready to rip out my major mfg state of the art total solution - that just became obsolete. again. with internet-of-things tech for battery powered smart transducers wirelessly networked, and the liberating power of iPad based navigation b&g, rm, garmin, can go bye bye.
  2. Zonk & Jamhass, Any opinion of the yard La Marina del Palmar? I will give Berkovich another look. Must admit I was a bit put off by the appearance of their yard vs Palmar. Zonk, I am not sure there is a mid bearing, that was part of a post from another owner. My owners manual steering schematic does not show it, and I have wondered about its existence myself. And if it does exist I don’t know how you’d access it. I hope it’s just the 2 bearings. Maybe I’ll ask Perry. As regards just a seal problem, vs a full steering refit, it haunts me that
  3. For those that know La Paz, can you recommend the best boat yard for an extensive rudder refit this summer? -Basically drop the rudder in my other wise very well maintained Valiant Esprit 37 I’ve had for 36 years, but has never had the rudder out. -There are no current issues other than age and a rather decrepit looking rudder stock seal. -Money is pretty much not an issue, for the yard or person with lots of experience and careful skills. -A knowledgeable perfectionist craftsman would be perfect. -Willing to replace everything, including a new Jefa or Edson system. C
  4. Sass, Just to be clear, you and your friends had both your shots (Moderna or J&J) and after a month several of you came down with Covid? With the vaccine on the order of 95% effective that is astounding several of you were not immune. How many fully vaccinated friends besides you got sick? Thanks! Eddie
  5. Also, Evans Starzinger had an article about how he used a bridle on the end of his pole consisting of two predetermined fixed length foreguy and afterguy legs on a ring. When deploying the pole he would just clip the guy ends to the toe rail and the ring to the bottom of the pole end, hoist the pole lift up, and bingo, pole locked into place. No messy fore and after guy lines on deck. Haven’t tried it yet but will in a couple weeks. Anybody try this? Any downsides to it?
  6. Zonk, Interesting what you say about the Forespar line control Whisker pole. Forespar agrees with you for offshore! They told me to use a J length fixed pole for WOW. Its stronger, and lighter than a whisker pole. I have always wondered why John Kretschmer is such an advocate of adjustable length whisker poles. My only question is when you reef the jib on a fixed length pole its clew moves away from the pole end so you cannot keep it flat, right? Also, to wing out larger genoas and keep them flat (to reduce roll down wind?) you would want an adjustable, right? Not a probl
  7. Slug, Is the furling jib top you refer a furling staysail? Or an actual jib on a free flying luff? Thanks, Eddie
  8. BJ, Looks like you have in-mast furling/reefing? After your considerable experience, care to give a verdict on its desirability? Any insight as to why HRs seem to sell a lot of boats with it? Would you have it again? Any scary jams? To me it seems to solve so many handling problems and greatly reduces complexity of running rigging. Thats a nice boat. Thanks, Eddie
  9. Does anybody know where the Ullman Sails’ Endurance cloth ranks in quality? Same as, better, or worst than Marblehead, NorDac, etc. Thanks
  10. Twin rudders a deal breaker for me too. I am actually their demographic - old dude life long sailor with more money than time left, wanting a brand new bullet proof 40 footer I can single hand day sailing or passage making with confidence. And not be a bitch to dock without the assistance of two electro mechanical contraptions that descend from the bottom of the boat, until they don't. I see twin rudders as the consequential necessity of trying to create volume below and extra cockpit space. Don't see either of those as good in a passage maker which I thought was HR's focus. Mor
  11. 500 gallons? what kind of boat? I don’t think I’ve ever heard of anyone cruising up the coast of Baja., Its always a delivery.
  12. From the brochure of another offshore cruiser builder: "The large fuel and freshwater tanks and the heavy battery bank are all strategically located low and central in the yacht for excellent weight distribution." Can seawater flooded 12V or 24V batteries operate submerged?
  13. The new dual rudder designs seem like a bad idea on a cruising boat. - maneuverability in docking without twin thrusters -more under water appendages to collide with something -difficult to rig emergency steering -questionable lazarette storage space .All to make a little faster boat (not a prime priority for me in a cruising boat) and more wow factor in the aft cabin volume?
  14. Just found out my Lloyds insurer thru Novamar (Mexican West coast & Sea of Cortez) is exiting as well, so no help from me. Let’s hope someone will respond here.
  15. 80 blisters all at 1” is a lot. Most important is where they occur. Clustered in the areas with bondo fairing shoukd be kind of a one & done fix. I get a few (2-3 noteworthy?) but not every hauloutI, I don’t have a “blister boat” since they appear not in the laminate but in the skeg fairing bondo. And after a one time fix (pop and refair) a decade ago only a few reappear occasionally (again in the bondo) I doubt Nordic used the bad resin in the Nordic 40. Have a close look at the mast step in that boat I seem to remember an issue there.
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