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  1. Pitman speaks the truth, they also ordered up thousands of beautiful blond southern women, who just happen to go to college there.......Now that's Gods country.


    You must not have been there before, CRW is blessed with most gorgeous brunette's than any place, this is one that leaves the blonds standing as brides maids, for a change.

    Looking forward to it again.



  2. Santana 22 pegged knot meter at 14 knots downwind in a double handed race.......best experience on the water...............


    I guess I would call the Santanna 22 my first "real boat" Hull #26, Loved that boat.

    Had it for about a yr up in Long Beach, when I lost the rig, (aluminum chain plates can you say stupid!!)

    Took the boat back to Shock's and had new mast fabed from a 525 mast section, internal halyards, lead everything aft, some new UK sails, redid the bottom with an epoxy coat and realy started racing the boat, lots of fun.

    Won the crew of 2 around Catalina, dont know the real top speed, but pegged the old signet downwind many times running down thw back side of Catalina. And going to weather, it would heal just to about you had water comming over the coamings and just stay there.

    Won lots of club races in Newport when not racing other bigger boats, sold it to move up to a bigger boat, I would buy that boat again if I could find it and it was in solid shape, even got engaged on that boat.

    Very solid and overlooked design, definately not as exciting as many of Gary's other designs but definately one of the boats that got him started.


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