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  1. Another vote for Pete Townsend. Hitmaking songwriter, amazing guitarist and powerful vocalist I never tire of. Plus, although I might be wrong, Did he not invent the 2 humbucker Telecaster - or at least make it mainstream? Cant leave without a shout for the Bee Gees. They always catch a lot of shit from disco haters and sissy bullies, but they were truly talented and wrote a lot of hits for others after they fell out of favour.
  2. Dunno why it that really makes my skin crawl.
  3. Excuse me while I go pour myself a strong drink, now... *shudder*
  4. Terrace Bay. That brings back some memories. Love that part of the province. Wish it wasn’t so damn far, I’d go more often.
  5. Doesn't matter if they see you or not. They can't turn. Personally, what I hate most is being in a bunk and hearing screws turning somewhere in the distance.
  6. The freighters can be stressful. Especially at night, while sleep deprived.
  7. Well if you want to go that far, how about a Toronto start, around the Isles-de-la-Madeleines and back...?
  8. I know. But what fun are they? It could be a non-refundable $50 registration fee - covers a cheap t-shirt, a finisher’s belt buckle, and a 6-pack to Drink on the way. Winner gets a set of steak knives. There’s a virtual shit-ton of possible boat inventory right now...
  9. ...or maybe even an "unofficial" group of small boats and adventurous spirits of the R2AK ilk tacking themselves onto the back of the fleet for a bandit run at the LO300...? Now that might be fun. We could call it the LOCO300.
  10. Dunno. What’s the wind like in Texas? They do just fine on the Great Lakes. I’m guessing that for Texas availability would be the issue. Here they’re plentiful and cheap as chips...
  11. Sharks are abundant and cheap, depending on the region. I love sailing them, but they’re not exactly “high performers.” They need a breeze - at least over 10 to loosen up - or else it makes for a sluggish day. In 15+ they’re a blast.
  12. Don’t know what part of the country you’re in, but there’s a Chaser 29 for $2,500 CDN (approx. $1,750 USD) in the Great Lakes region. Nice Doug Peterson 1-ton.
  13. Why not? It’s only 20 pages. My original thread of “What are you listening to right now?” Went on for 3 years...
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