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  1. How about ... one rope from each end passes thru a ring on the mast then to a winch, the second rope on each end is the foreguy.Assuming there is a spinnaker sheet and guy on either side, the guy on each side passes thru the relevant same side ring. I presume there is a topping lift take off or maybe it was a bridle .To end for end gybe, say from starboard to port, release starboard guy and port "ring rope", tighten port guy and starboard 'ring rope" adjust each foreguy during the gybe. It would make a hell of a mess of the mast and it wouldn't be any good shy. Crazy? yes
  2. No not questioning the win. how the fuck do you get to there? And then they sent someone up to spot wind. I simply stated what I saw. If JC was offended I would have had to make a suggestion instead of an observation. What live TV has got to do with it is irrelevant IMHO. Tall poppy? Ha! way off. No I wasn't the only one to bring it up
  3. I moved on and watched Sailor Girl. Comanche was on port tack in pressure for at least 10 minutes before the wind died, the headsail backed a little but not the main so battens all good as confirmed by the ABC coverage and the Rolex vid . On Sailor girl looking down centre line from the stern, at approximately 1 hour and 8 minutes the pumping started and continued sometimes stopping, but overall for at least a minute. If the defense is the batten needed popping the way other boats have done in the past is to send someone up.
  4. Did anyone else see the Indian main sheet pumping on ABC?
  5. Why would you bother going to Hamilton Island race week if WOX1 is racing or any other boat that Ricko or Vila are on. You would have to abide by the rules & SI's etc, but you would have to expect after this that you couldn't win or fare well in a protest. My guess, Vila will be toast. The sad part about it, like last year is that only the boat's name gets struck off, not the people. The boat is being used like a hooker, spend money on her, fuck her and then walk away.
  6. The 7 30 story only told part of the facts.. 3 of the guys in including Jim L didn't get lost overboard but were apparently separated from a raft they were in.
  7. I doubt it will be at Hammo
  8. Lydia I guess someone will have envy??
  9. Well at least you chose the right username.... Knob by name, knob by nature! Hey Knob All the guys in the "loop" are getting personal, I guess just like J, they are out of anything to say
  10. Yep, and supported by the "Loop"
  11. Respect has to be earned,"Some fucking respect"? well that's another issue again, which word is the verb? Even for the dead? 'Have' was the verb, although maybe 'show' would've been better. Dead? who's dead? back to my original question.. what happened? Ever wondered why you're not in the loop and why no one will give you anything? All the flat one had to say was that he topped himself, but.... hmmm... there then wouldn't be your little Melbourne loop who don't give anything haaaaaaa
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