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  1. I agree. As owner of ineffable, a rapido 60 i have a lot to say about these wonderful boats. And about the builders. Ineffable is the prototype 60. As such the builders made so sure every thing worked on the boat with an incredible effort before i took delivery. And a captain who trained us before we successfully crossed the atlantic in 13 days in light winds at 250 miles a day. We were 2 reefs at night to be safe. So maybe we could have done this in 8 days or so with more experience.... Ineffable means something so wonderful you cant describe it on words poetry or even music. And that i
  2. My rapido 60 ineffable is sadly for sale as i am doing a building project in Thailand. Its a great price for such a terrific boat.
  3. Hi IF you google ineffable boat you will see how much fun I have had with a Rapido 60. We have bombed 130 ft super yachts who with 50 people on the rail were doing a mere 13.5 knots. We were in the shade drinking gin and tonics whilst they were painfully hanging out. We came in at nearly 20 knots and hardened up to go 17 knots leaving them in the distance. What made me laugh was that a Rapido 60 has 55 tons of lift from the floats so we are able to put down 6x more power than such a big boat. you havent lived until you have sailed a trimaran. It is so much better than a cat. no pounding o
  4. As owner of ineffable good to see so much interest in the Rapidos. All i can add is that they are so much fun to sail with generous accomodation. And so safe! The 60 has the board inthe middle so when we got hit by a 45 knot squall with a full rig the boat heeled 15 degrees as there wasn't enough board left in the water to trip over. So we just did a rather swift quarter turn and carried on! My boat is for sale now at a very reasonable price and you get an awful lot of high tech boat for your money.... It has been a complete joy to own as its so easy to get at everything and maintain.
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