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  1. Hitting myself in the head with a hammer while walking bare foot over broken glass wasn't getting the job done. Oh sorry, that's why I bought a boat.
  2. Thank you See Level. Number 1 looks like the snap ring that retains the spindle.
  3. Thanks. Do you replace that cotter pin on the lower left gear? Looks like a pain.
  4. Thank you Raz'r. That's kind of what I was afraid of.
  5. I have a J35 with barient 25 cabintop winches. I cannot remove the spindle. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.
  6. Tack nazi


    I had a zoom court appearance last week. I had on a shirt and tie. An obviously pissed off judge asked where my jacket was. I replied, "with my pants". Good thing there's an appellate division.
  7. Thanks, I'll get another handle of Goslings.
  8. Prada cup was advertised to air 2:00pm est on NBCSN January 31. (According to newspaper) I got up and did what I had to do and was all prepared with Dark and Stormy's and various unhealthy snacks. I turn on TV and it's women's soccer. I have nothing against women's soccer, but was very disappointed.
  9. My first car was a '66 Fairlane convertible with a 351 cleveland and M22 4 speed. I did alot of work on the car ie. tarantula intake, hooker headers, Holley double pump etc before I blew it up not getting out of second quick enough. Next was an MG but too unreliable to get me to work every day. Then '71 Buick GS convertible with 4 speed. Had a 350, not 455. Probably a good thing. Couple of autos, then '94 Corvette, '03 and '04 vettes all with 6 speed manual. Insurance agent said no more vettes, so last 3 BMW's were manuals. Current 435 x drive with 6 speed. I cannot afford a Porche and M's ar
  10. My urologist is in the carpenters union.
  11. having a BOD meeting tonight and the question came up to do ZOOM as usual or do indoors as under 40 people. NYC. Some people voted indoors. They are older college educated people. Unfuckingbelievable.
  12. Just read that Chuck Woolery deleted his twitter account after revealing his son tested positive for covid 19. His purported statement was that the virus is real and his son has tested positive. This after alleging covid is a hoax by democrats to hurt trump. (lower case t intentional). This after 30 year old's last words were " I thought it was a hoax" Georgia governor revokes local mandates requiring masks. My point is, HOW FUCKING STUPID ARE WE AS A COUNTRY?! How many more people have to die before we realize covid is real? Why are we arguing about something as simple as wearing a mask when
  13. How long would you sail with a guy who is constantly very late to the line, can't ever see a shift coming, will not listen to his tactician (or anyone else on the boat) and always brags about being the best sailor ever. Admittedly terrible analogy, but how this guy's approval rating is ever over 20% baffles me.
  14. Deliverance. I was 12. Still can't see Ned Beatty without thinking about mountain men.
  15. Collective bargaining agreement provision for foredeck union.
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