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  1. I used a burr on a drill, sanded and used marine tex. After it dried, applied barrier coat and bottom paint. Repair has lasted three years.
  2. The result of a dry bilge
  3. Postmortem on the hydraulic backstay piston. The best advise was not to attempt to do this myself. A mechanic I know and trust referred me to a guy he uses for hydraulic work. He had the piston for a couple of weeks and wound up sourcing it out to someone he knew. Piston finally came back and it works and doesn't leak. It is a navtec and they seem to still be in business in Connecticut.
  4. That's exactly what I have. Thanks.
  5. I think this is exactly what I have. I'll try adding and lighting stove alcohol out in the parking lot and see how that goes. Thanks.
  6. Thanks guys. Always a reliable source of information.
  7. I have two questions regarding j35 galley. First, the foot pump for the galley sink doesn't work. I've taken it apart and reassembled and it just seems worn out. Does anyone make a replacement? Second and final, there are two disc shaped "fuel cells" that would seem to fuel the galley stove. They say "made in sweden". Can they be replenished or do they need to be replaced? If they need to be replaced, does anyone still manufacture them? Thanks for any help.
  8. Check for the haul out bounced
  9. Looks like an old barient. Maybe I can scavenge some extra pawls.
  10. An individual from the J35 Class Association advised how to decompress the piston, remove it and told me where to get the repair kit. When I eventually get back out I'll give it a go and let you know how it went. I don't have the individual's permission to use his name, but seems to be incredibly knowledgeable.
  11. I appreciate the input. My thought is that all components are installed for hydraulic backstay, including pump, reservoir, tubing, rod backstay and the aforementioned piston. To change to line purchase system would entail disconnect at top of mast and reattach with line. Measuring line and installation of attachment points at transom and installing blocks. Let me see how difficult it is to remove piston. Thanks again for your suggestion. Maybe a winter project.
  12. Sounds like good advise. Thanks.
  13. I pumped the backstay on my '83 J35 and was greeted by red hydraulic fluid oozing from the top of the piston mounted to the rod backstay. Just wondering if anyone has a schematic of the piston so I can figure out how to replace seal. Thanks in advance.
  14. She fell in love with a lawyer and she got fucked
  15. Since I have to tear it back down, I'll try flipping #11 over. Thanks.
  16. Thanks WS. I'll try to locate some replacement pawls and see how it goes.
  17. Winch did not work before maintenance. That is why I thought it was springs. It did the same thing before I tore it down, which is why I'm questioning whether I should try replacing pawls. Sorry that I was not more clear as to before and after scenario.
  18. I used 3 in 1 oil on springs and pawls, not winch grease. The pawls were doing what they were supposed to be doing when I installed inside the gear. If the spring is not installed correctly, the pawl does not compress correctly and cannot be installed.
  19. Thank you. I'll take pics when I get back to boat this weekend. Winch did get a lot of use. It's a J35 previously raced by the Coast Guard Academy.
  20. I previously posted in J Boat Anarchy, and I was able to take winch apart, replace springs, clean pawls, apply 3 in one oil and clean gears with kerosene, dry and apply very light coating of winch grease. After re assembly, the winch still turns in both directions when rotated by hand. The winch rotates clockwise and makes a clicking sound as it should. The winch will rotate counter clockwise when turned by hand and the winch handle will rotate. I'm guessing the pawls are shot, but before I undergo the time and expense of another re assembly, I defer to those more knowledgeable than I. The kit
  21. Hitting myself in the head with a hammer while walking bare foot over broken glass wasn't getting the job done. Oh sorry, that's why I bought a boat.
  22. Thank you See Level. Number 1 looks like the snap ring that retains the spindle.
  23. Thanks. Do you replace that cotter pin on the lower left gear? Looks like a pain.
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