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  1. That looks like a fantastic flats rig. and i admire the size of the cooler.
  2. I admire that the v-berth has ample footroom. and if you're gonna go weird, you might as well go the full Hunter S Thompson with a junk rig on all three masts. Would probably do O/K in Holland. A bit harsh don't you think? Then again...maybe not. This is what happens when you leave your boat in the microwave 30 seconds too long.
  3. if you don't admire the audacity of the rig on this 8' boat, there's something wrong with you.
  4. i believe that much hamper is no longer hamper, it now qualifies as the whole damn laundry room.
  5. On.* *Do ton let dyslexia hold you bakc. A public service message from Whitworth Fasteners UK inc., a division of Lucas. "Making mechanics buy new wrenches for over a century."
  6. The mother ship: And SWMBO's ride. Sails had just been raised, and she was still sorting the topping lift and clearing the O/B. Nobody ever seems to capture a photo of us being elegant, carefree sailors with perfect trim and all gear squared away. :
  7. A big smile from my side , to have a colum "the most ugly boat....." on a forum that pretends to be Anarchist. I would expect such a title on conformistic forum. Okay, so be it. Many boat design features which where pronounced ugly years ago are "en vogue" today. Example the negative bow. I designed my ECO 5.5 catamaran 2001. Everybody found him ugly. Why I designed the boat like this, was never asket and I am not willing to explain it here in the context of your discussion. Today I am copied the design word over and most person like the bow shape and is now looked at as very progressive and
  8. SWMBO and I had the opportunity to sail aboard "Amazed" on Sunday. SWMBO was thrilled to see 7.8 knots while on the helm. The rest of the boat is much more tasteful than the dodger. The owners are great people, who have enjoyed being a part of this collection.
  9. .... Maybe a Brooklyn quartet doing Molly Hatchet covers...? Is there enough material for more than a one song set?
  10. Another uglified Chebacco I admire the effort to turn a Chebacco into a Nimble Kodiak.
  11. Am I losing what little i have left of my mind, or was this one not previously admired?
  12. They got pretty damn good at cold molded airplane building in the early- mid forties for some reason. Lot of skilled craftsman for the boat yards when the Spitfire and Mosquito market tanked. Which is why a lot of those "boatyards" were airplane factories, like Fairey.
  13. What was it with the British fascination with whaleback boats in the 40s-60s?
  14. ugly is as ugly does: and thus the reason for the society- celebrating ugly with purpose.
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