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  1. Gouvernail, Wonder if you actually read this article. The E6E guys did not suggest that building ILCA boats was a high end process at all. They were talking about consistent quality. Something which could put an end to Olympic sailors stressing about the variability of dimensions of supplied boats. Why do you feel the need to diss them? A quote... 'Our technology span is big, we build the Olympic Nacra 17, the Nacra 15 and 20, Goodall designs, foils for Nacra, Hobie, Starboard and others, as well as aerospace and automobile products employing a variety of processes, prepre
  2. An unintended side effect of the ILCA changes.... quality ILCA shakeup delivers a new focus on quality to the class (marinebusinessworld.com)
  3. Sales of Carnet goods (in your terms on a visitors pass) happens routinely, the organisation involved with the importation of goods into a country including Canada, has to declare an intended sale with the relevant Customs department and pay the previous waived import duties. There are no penalty rates if normal procedures are followed.
  4. Hmm, does anyone know the voting from the German Class Association went, also Italy?
  5. Surprised but seeing the 79/21 vote, it does appear that LPE has taken to heart the advice from Charles Caleb Colton ยด When you got nothing to say, say nothing' Although you would not imagine that will last too long
  6. Has the German Laser Class Association verified the votes from its region yet? Last I hear they were not cooperating
  7. Did all regions of the world cooperate with ILCA and verify the votes from their sailors?
  8. I have been told that Canadian law is similar to our Brtish law that frivolous legal action is itself illegal, unlike US. law where parties can be tied up in the courts for no good reason, by a vexacious litigant. So I suspect that the suggestion that litigation might be brought to bear in Canada is an idle one.
  9. Allegedly LPE says they refused to allow their production to be inspected, because ILCA refused to sign. So, it seems, they really wanted it signed to control the scene? ILCA Council, including Europeans presumably decided not to sign it? Can someone ask them all for comments? .
  10. The Word version listed author by name, as best I can tell this is the agreement that LPE has been complaining that ILCA was refusing to sign. Waiting for someone with expertise in these things to detail what it would all mean if it had been signed.
  11. I think this is the document that ILCA refused to sign. Look at the date, it fits with what I have heard, it appears the author is a trademark attorney, that's what a Google search just told me. It came to me anon.
  12. ILCA Trademark Agreement August 2018.docx Look at this!!!!
  13. Hang on a minute. Did I not read earlier that the agreement LPE wanted to sign was very very anti-FRAND and that LPE was refusing to even talk about the need for the class to become FRAND? If that is the case, then the Spanish and Italians do not care if the dinghy is out of Olympic equipment contention? Does anyone have a copy of the LPE agreement, so everyone can see the whole picture?
  14. Given there is so much information on this thread, maybe its a good idea, I wonder if Scot would do it?
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