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  1. One for the shoulda coulda exercise... Now we know actual times for the top contenders, and if Boris were able to keep his pre colision performance... where could he be? 1st? 2nd? 3rd?
  2. Omg just avoiding to connect to SA to see the race not knowing who won... and you get this cover on youtube... That's what I call a spoiler Was worth watching anyway
  3. JLC numbers reassures my impression how silly weight cutting madness is. Cut your toothbrush, do not take spare rudder, talke less food than you may need? And we have a boat carrying probably more than 100 extra kg... and???
  4. Well, if I remember well when Telefonica made their repairs there we peanlized because of additional reinforce of a one design. I just couldn't believe it
  5. Can this shore team support be considered as external assistance? What are the rules in this situation?
  6. As said, in France... unofrtunately is quite different in rest of Europe. Remember, there are more countries around here :-)
  7. Don't you think it lacks rhumb stabilty? It looks like a snake, the bow moving away at every wave? He has to be 100% concentrated on the tiller. See specially last part of the video.
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