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  1. Gracious

    New sails

    Any info on North NPL sport would be greatly appreciated. J-109 club racing and cruzing.
  2. Gracious

    New sails

    Anyone ave any experience with Norths NPL Sport ?
  3. A brand new French Built Just showed up in Sagharbor NY.
  4. I rudder bearings on a j34c about 10 years ago was close to 6K. https://www.yachtworld.com/boats/1999/j-boats-j-42-3602772/
  5. Thats what I thought and no sprit
  6. Gracious


    Great boat just sold mine, already missing it. Family got to big wife and kids would'nt cruise in the 100. Looking for a 109
  7. Hows it going? Did you figure it out ?do you like the boat? Im very interested in how this boat does in PHRF
  8. Any other info out there on the 97 ? lm also interested in finding out how its rating has worked out. How many in the states? Thinking of moving to boat with interior space to cruise with the family. Currently J109 and J97e are on my short list. Moving from J-100
  9. What is used in current J-boat models for nonskid? Is it gelcoat mixed with an additive or do they paint over it
  10. Look for retro fit kit for J-100 you will prob have to alter it
  11. Gracious


    Not a pussy just happen to have to deal with marinas in New York and the pussification of municipalities. Some marinas make you pay for an extended fall /winter season. The village where I live wants you off the moorings by Oct 31. So hauled out it is just moved boat today to be hauled.
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