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  1. Captain Bastard

    The Front Fell Off

    Condolences to the families of those lost.
  2. Captain Bastard


    Do a Craigslist boat, either a disaster example or a representative example of what you might buy for how much. Or profile a great deal like YouTuber Captain Q tries to do.
  3. Captain Bastard

    NBC are cunts

    Sounds like a great MS Teams event with live commentary. Also, I bet the AC sponsors are thrilled that the largest consumer market in the world will have trouble tuning in....brilliant. I would love to see the pitch deck on that shit idea.
  4. Captain Bastard

    Martin 242 - "Fast Lane Fever"

    I could out produce an hectare of oysters at 15.
  5. Captain Bastard

    Blusail 24

    We got her on the water in early Jluy
  6. If M.C. Escher and Dr. Sues smoked peyote and designed a boat, this would be the outcome.
  7. Captain Bastard

    Around the World on a craigslist 3k Cal 27

    He'll need some bean sprout.
  8. Captain Bastard

    Blusail 24

    That is the one I just purchased from SA member Sail91.
  9. Captain Bastard

    Blusail 24

    I just bought one that was raced a bit in the north Florida, gulf area. It is getting a spit polish now and I hope to splash her soon.
  10. Captain Bastard

    Harmony 22 Questions

    Regarding the Harmony, I can put you in touch with the parents of the designer as well as the designer. I have raced aboard Wiki Wiki's main competition for a few years now as helm but under a series of owners- all members of the Apalachee Bay Yacht Club. I kinda came with the boat when it changed hands. The first owner with whom I raced was the designer's dad although he helmed most of the time and was much better at it than I was. Chris, the designer drew the boat in his teens having taken correspondence courses in boat design. His dad, Carl, helped build a number of boats with Chris including a boat called the "Garage Rocket." Carl finished his most recent build of a powered day boat two years ago and it is gorgeous. He was in his late 80s at completion and has reached his 90s now with excellent health.
  11. Captain Bastard

    Our refreshed 1D35 comes out to play.

    Is that line wrapped the wrong way around the winch drum at 1:58?
  12. Captain Bastard

    The free boat is leaking

    Still the best one out there.
  13. Captain Bastard

    Tracking down Hobie 33's

    Sol raced on one for the KWRW feeder race with some olympians. He brought the boat to a regatta I was racing in and it was like bringing a gun to a knife fight. They won overall against boats like my J24 and an SR 21 Turbo.
  14. Captain Bastard

    Couple Cruise for 1000 Days

    I laid in bed in a half sleep meditation and a pain arose in my wrist. Out from my heart swam little white light fish that went to the pain, gobbled it up, then quickly swam back to my heart. I am sure that healing vision was influenced by watching the chameleon fish. Amazing how the mind works. FYI - That is called a blood clot.