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  1. Stock issues may be because of covid shut down in Victoria. Im sure I got a email saying they had to shut.
  2. On my Mg14 when I was a kid dad rolled on sikaflex to the gunnels. Used a roller that made it really textured. It was really grippy on bare feet and looked good. Didn't wear the wetsuit or trap harness. Lasted about 2 years before we needed to do it again.
  3. Looking at buying a drone for photographing/fliming sailing racing. What suggestions do you have?
  4. Ha. Thanks. I was also wondering if anyone has ever gotten the paint off by blasting it with water, or walnut shell like on restoration shows. Just was thinking a alternative to sanding as I believe that sanding could have a chance of dammaging the fibers.
  5. Hey We are about to remove the flaking/peeling clear 2 pack off a carbon mast and boom. Whats the easiest way without damaging the fibers? Cheers
  6. Have a look on ASBA website and Facebook page. I have it all up to date. Some good buys on there. I have a soft spot for the Shaw 650s as I own one. But have some good racing with the Leech 650 also. Plus the other designs kicking around.
  7. I can put it up on ASBA page if you want. Email me info@asba.org.au
  8. We had these for the Australian sports boat association QLD state titles.
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