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  1. I sailed, raced and was also an instructor in NY Harbor from 1998 to 2013. Subsequently, I have been back to visit friends and occasionally sail in NYC and have kept in touch with the area. Without question, Hudson River Community Sailing (“HRCS”) is the class of the Clubs you mention. In terms of quality of management, quality of boats/sails, ease of getting a boat/boat availability, racing, collegial membership, post-sailing drinking, cost and underlying mission, HRCS is at the top or near the top of each one of these metrics. No other Club consistently scores as high in each one of
  2. Escapade. Better record than Little Ti, over a longer period of time and a more diverse race schedule.
  3. Escapade - rarely mentioned, but one of the greatest boats ever built.
  4. Probably referring to the Jerome Milgram designed Ondine.
  5. Kick'em Jenny advisory now listed as Orange. 5 KM exclusion zone in effect.
  6. Is it really a comp if you are comparing a Holby-built boat to a Carrol Marine-built boat? As an owner of a Carrol Marine boat I can tell you 1. They are not as bad as everyone says they are, but; 2. I would much prefer to own a Holby-built boat. No matter how well maintained and well equipped this boat is, you can’t get past certain salient facts: The boat has an aluminum rig with inline spreaders, overlapping jibs and symmetrical spinnakers. I think that limits the upper end of what the boat will garner on the open market. As an aside, one of the best names I ever saw for
  7. I wonder if this was taken on G IV. I got to race on her once when she was Matoaka. Huge overlapping jibs. Worn out a lot of grinders. Luckily I was trimming.
  8. " ... the crew of the Maxi Edmond de Rothschild crossed the equator this Friday 15 January at 14h48'32'' UTC, after 5 days 13 hours 14 minutes and 46 seconds at sea. Though this first passage time is a far cry from the outright record for this section, which has been held since 2019 by Spindrift Racing in a time of 4 days 19 hours 57 minutes ..." IDEC's time was 5 days 18 hours 59 minutes. L. Peyron's time in 2011 was 5 days 14 hours 55 minutes. As I have said in previous posts, using IDEC, which was several hundred miles BEHIND the record pace at Cape of Good Hope, as a metric for
  9. Here is a link to a NYC Area Crew List http://www.nycsailing.com/ This one doesn’t look like it has been very active. WindCheck, which is like Latitude 38 back East, used to have a section a section called “Crew Connection.” I can’t find it on their website. I have some vague recollection that they discontinued it for some reason. Maybe someone familiar with the facts behind that can fill it in for us … I got a few crew off of it and also a ride once. When the Beneteau 36.7 Class on Long Island Sound was active, they made an effort to place people on boats. Can’t find th
  10. Correct. Boat had been used in many prominent ads for Concordia, often times the full back cover of various sailing magazines. It was a picture of the boat going downwind, bow pointed right at the camera, with the bow person (an attractive young woman) at the bow pulpit, back to the camera, lazy guy in hand, ready for a jibe. She was the boat captain. Died on a delivery due to carbon monoxide poisoning. Early to Mid 90's.
  11. Is this thread complete without mentioning Not By Bread Alone?
  12. New Zealand Endeavour did not have a triactic (a stay between the top of the Main and the top of the Mizzen). It did have a "mizzen forestay," which ran from the top of the mizzen (which was basically a Volvo 60 mast) down to about 5 feet astern of the traveler; we actually flew the mizzen stay sail #3 and #4 off of that. The other mizzen stay sails (#1 #2 and #2VL) were on furlers and tacked to weather most of the time, as were the reaching and running mizzen spinnakers which we referred to (perhaps incorrectly) as mizzen gennakers. Rex Banks -- Top Ten Coolest Guys Ever.
  13. Yeah, I saw they had to gybe, but I didn't correctly calculate how unfavored the unfavorable gybe would be. I thought they would be able to gradually slide north to IDEC's track. Not head off at 50 degrees (not sure if it is mag or true). Excellent point. I did realize that. What I didn't anticipate was the gybe was such a bad heading and that they had to stay on it for so long. I think I was lured in by IDEC's track and assumed (incorrectly) that the lion's share of the miles would be straight down the track. As we can see, they sailed as straight as possible on the rhumb
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