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  1. jsmin


    don't let jesPOSitaco bother you. he only spouts off on others to cover up his shortcomings.
  2. jsmin


    spoken like a true jepotaco - never really ventured into a one design
  3. jsmin

    J 121

    so is this a real boat or just them testing the waters to see how many peeps will jump on and start the ball rolling? what is draft, price point, and other specs? no real numbers to look at to see what it exactly is. all in all, if anybody can make it work they can. my guess is 15-20 boats sold in first year
  4. jsmin


    last i heard that had 23 + sold, my guess they are over 30+ by now who gets the first couple?
  5. jsmin


    heard they are at 20+ sold on the J88 already!!!
  6. anybody know where the j111 from the show in annapolis will be this weekend? heading to annapolis this weekend and wondered if it was anywhere to check it out. thanks
  7. guy at our club has one - loves it and sails it more than most ever dream of sailing of their boats. i have been out on it a couple of times and is fun stuff. great reaching of course and beautiful down below.
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