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  1. Mr. Squirrel


    A travelling vacuum salesman is working a neighborhood one day and rings a doorbell. A young lad about 6 years old comes to the door wearing a smoking jacket and smoking a pipe. "Uh... son is your father home?" "What do you fucking think?" MS
  2. Not really. I typically take I-75 to I-96 to I-94 instead of going into downtown (I dont go past Ford Field, etc). The I-75 ramp onto I-75N/I-375 is kind of shitty. As for the rest of the trip, it is the on ramps that suck and for whatever reason it seems like the on ramps on to I-94E are worse than the ones for I-94W. If you are coming to Bayview be aware of the detour. After you cross Jefferson, turn left at the stop sign onto Freud, and then right on Connor. All the way to the end and then right on Clairpointe and left into BYC. MS
  3. There are a few I-94 on ramps that I NEVER use and the one at Ford Rd and I-94E is one of them. The others are Connor and Mt Elliott on to I-94E. Even when leaving Bayview I NEVER take Connor to I-94E. MS
  4. I have never seen a boat with one. MS
  5. This isnt rule 69 worthy and you are a moron for even bringing it up. My question to you is - if you are vaccinated and the vaccine is so great, then what do you have to fear? MS
  6. This. Salsa is so nice on the paws and is made with SK-75 so not as pricey as SK-78 or SK-99 stuff. You can thank us later MS
  7. Hey looking for an Expedition polar file for a J/29 MHOB. My brothers are sailing the BYC Mack race and I am hoping to give them some routing help. MS
  8. I think all Lightning jibs still come with a trim line to align the car position/ sheet angle. MS
  9. I was on Block Island last week where it is illegal to clean bottoms in the Great Salt Pond/harbor. There are/were a bunch of mooring balls just outside the harbor entrance where all the boats go to get cleaned. The regular procedure is they run the boat out early in the AM to get cleaned and then come back to the slip to pick up the crew for the day. MS
  10. @Monkey - I will be sure to give credit where credit is due if we push out something like this. Seems like an elegant solution. MS
  11. MarkSetBot just finished providing all of the race marks for the White and Blue circles at Block Island Race Week. On Saturday Storm Trysail Club gave away all of their anchors that were previously used for setting marks. I guess that means they want us back in 2023. MS
  12. You clearly know best. So what should we be charging for a concept that didnt exist 5 years ago?
  13. It helps that I got a killer deal on my 2021 Grand Cherokee when I bought it last October. But, I am paying less than I would have for a 2 year old used GC with like 30k on the clock. It was nutty. I didnt want a new car, but I wasnt going to overpay to get a used one either. MS
  14. I have spent the last 22 years working in vehicle brake engineering and in all that time I have NEVER come across a disc/drum vehicle with a diagonal split system. Drum brakes require a brake proportioning valve (physical or electronic) to make the rear brakes less likely to lock. Every single drum brake vehicle I have worked on since 1999 has been front/rear split. This includes before, during, and after the implementation of RWAL (Rear Wheel Anti-Lock). MS
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