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  1. You clearly know best. So what should we be charging for a concept that didnt exist 5 years ago?
  2. It helps that I got a killer deal on my 2021 Grand Cherokee when I bought it last October. But, I am paying less than I would have for a 2 year old used GC with like 30k on the clock. It was nutty. I didnt want a new car, but I wasnt going to overpay to get a used one either. MS
  3. I have spent the last 22 years working in vehicle brake engineering and in all that time I have NEVER come across a disc/drum vehicle with a diagonal split system. Drum brakes require a brake proportioning valve (physical or electronic) to make the rear brakes less likely to lock. Every single drum brake vehicle I have worked on since 1999 has been front/rear split. This includes before, during, and after the implementation of RWAL (Rear Wheel Anti-Lock). MS
  4. And what, bolt some bucket seats in the bed? Which part of 3 row SUV does the RTL-E actually meet? And just because it says you can tow 5000 lbs doesnt mean you should. Towing capacity is rarely about actual GCW and more about whether you can actually stop your vehicle while at GCW. The new Jeep Grand Cherokee L is going to be nice. Unfortunately you are going to have to wait a bit for the teething problems to go away. I have been driving them for work for the last 2.5 years. MS
  5. We just finished our 3rd Winter Series event for the VX One at Sarasota Sailing Squadron. The 3 events had a total of 38 different boats participate during the 3 events. We completed 27 total races, including 13 this past weekend (Friday - Sunday). Much of the success of this event comes down to Travis Yates (the OA), the people/volunteers at the Squadron, our PROs (Ed Furry and Keven Eiber), and their decision to use MarkSetBots. Next up is Charleston and we already have 21 boats signed up. What a great boat!! MS
  6. My first foray in here, but last month my big brother died of colon cancer. So I have been listening to the stuff we always listened to when we were together on a boat. Two of his favorites.... MS
  7. It certainly depends on what you are trying to do with it. If you need to penetrate body armor it is the cats meow. And the cyclic rate is off the hook on the original gun this round was designed around and one of the coolest and/or weirdest looking guns of all time - the FN P90. 50 Round helical fed double stack magazine and they run like a sewing machine on full auto. MS
  8. Catalina Freer, in case you didnt know https://www.instagram.com/catafreer/?hl=en MS
  9. This will give it some frame of reference 22LR on the left, 22Mag in the middle, and 5.7 x 28 on the right
  10. I said the same thing about George Floyd. MS
  11. Enjoy it while you can. She doesnt look that good anymore. Well unless you like pregnant chicks that some other dude knocked up. MS
  12. So maybe try to find where you need to live where the nearest Generac mechanic is 200+ miles away. Because IF you live THERE, then maybe somebody at Generac would talk to you instead of giving you a phone number. MS
  13. Hamilton signs a 1 year deal with Mercedes. Lewis Hamilton finally extends Mercedes F1 contract (motorsport.com) MS
  14. So nothing much going on in the world of Formula 1 other than Lando, Toto, Charles, and Pierre all have or had the VID. So in light of the quiet news cycle for F1 I need a ruling from the F1 faithful. Jess McFayden, F1 commentator and Autosport Director of Digital Strategy. Is she hot or am I simply infatuated with her British accent and that is skewing my perspective. You opinion is greatly appreciated MS
  15. For us lefties, this made me happy. I still wish Tikka would bring the T1X to the US in LH, but until then https://www.bergara.online/us/rifles/rimfire/b-14r-carbon-2/ MS
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