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  1. If possible I schedule my day around the game. Any free time I have I’m playing. This usually results in 5-20 minutes at a time checking in and setting course for the next hour then check back. I sleep on a “normal” schedule and hope the waypoints I set are good enough and that there are not many changes to the forecast during that time. Thanks to Laser1 for the rankings and write-ups.
  2. I have been very careful trying to navigate all the reported bugs that others have mentioned, this one was new to me for sure. I do believe my waypoint menu was open at the time of the reported issue and that is likely the cause. Still it is frustrating... the racing at the front is tough and one tiny oversight can cost hours at the finish; especially because it is an interface glitch/trick that has to be learned the hard way. Thanks @Your Mom
  3. Thanks for the rankings TK always good fun. On another note anyone finding the waypoints causing issues sending you backwards? I had two set, deleted my last one then passed my remaining waypoint. At the next update of position I was going back 180 to the waypoint I already had passed. Lost 175 places. It’s happening to others on my team as well
  4. I was curious if sailing at 25-30 degrees with a great rounding and waypoints set was better than pinching early and manually rounding. From my perspective it was even. My mistake was after rounding sailing too low too soon
  5. Yeah I wasn’t gonna make it with my waypoints set. Just cancelled and am pinching to make it
  6. you have a bunch of bitches as crew...what do you expect?
  7. It’s 1000 miles to St. Petersburg...I’ve got a full tank of gas, a half pack of cigarettes, it’s dark and Ill be wearing sunglasses...
  8. Sorry, late to the party here. I looked a few days before the race started, obviously before TR set up the thread. Thanks for including me and doing the rankings! It does seem like there are two competitions, one is the race, the other is figuring out and overcoming the glitches. I’m getting better at both. Fun race. Definitely the most technical of any races I’ve done in the past year. Looking forward to race #2 of the series. Gonna take some time off and skip the solo cock race. Congratulations to all finishers!
  9. Yes I do that too. Would that be like a kid cheating in school on a test? Or maybe the teacher would complement the kid on their intelligence for using the resources available for success? Either way...Nobody wants Mom to be disappointed!
  10. Flaming-like you I sailed my first year on only a phone. Then I saw the Vendee thread TR started before the race and found a whole new level of addiction to this game. Using a desktop/laptop and routing with zezo has definitely helped me improve. Plus with the comments from this group of pirates, and actual useful tips and tricks Mom gives us I feel confident being able to compete. I do use the phone only to adjust and check when away from the MacBook
  11. So do you think the game is better with the manual updates or auto?
  12. I have seen that refresh button too but it wasn’t part of my interface in the 600. As long as my WiFi connection was active and the screen didn’t go to screensaver for inactivity the boat progressed on screen one min at a time. There was also the trailing server boat location that updated automatically every 10 min on the 2’s and a few seconds. If I remember correctly that was the same interface as the Vendee. I don’t know how, why, or when the manual update button went away but glad it wasn’t part of my experience this time
  13. Yeah man it was a Thomas the Train cake with some good ass ice cream. I was working two FaceTime calls with family members out of town while singing and opening presents. I’ve also been sleeping in the extra bedroom cause Wifey thinks this fake sailing shit is ridiculous. Gotta pick your battles and live to sail another day!
  14. Lost 100 spots on the turn at Redonda for my kids 4th birthday party. Poor planning. #priorities
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