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  1. Speaking of 12s from 1987... this is one of the AMERICA II boats, sitting at New England Boat Works in Portsmouth RI. I was at the yard the other day and there was a ladder in place and she wasn't locked and I couldn't resist...
  2. Some shots of CHALLENGE 12 and one of the KZ '87 boats. Looks like the jib leads on CHALLENGE 12 are really far aft- is that standard 12M layout or has the rig been moved aft? The boom goes almost all the way to the transom as well- Fascinated by these things.....
  3. Great one liner at about 1:10, same guy who played the Captain in Das Boot.... Beerfest U-Boat Scene - YouTube
  4. Bruce Hornsby's take on the "fortunate son" thing.... Another perspective on the same situation. Bruce Hornsby, The Noisemakers - Fortunate Son (Live at Town Hall, New York City, 2004) - YouTube
  5. ENTERPRISE Still in Portsmouth RI, looks like she is all fluffed and buffed.....
  6. Not much racing due to COVID stuff this year but there was plenty of hard water sailing- Here is a vid of a few boats living it up on Moosehead Lake in Maine in early April. Take a look and if you want to give it a go next year send me a message, I have an extra boat for you to use. It's a blast and anyone can get the things moving- Think Ice! Serge Moosehead Lake Ice Sailing Aerials - YouTube
  7. Saw the old ROBIN in Portsmouth RI yesterday- Pretty sure she was/is a Ted Hood one-tonner? Looked sad... It was a cold, grey, rainy day. That kinda day....
  8. Does this mean he's already had COVID 1 through COVID 18 ?
  9. Interesting- Sounds like the waterline-for-sail-area trade is a bit of an oversimplification on my part! Even though it's out of my wheelhouse I still find it all intriguing. In any case if the owners want to go back to the original bow they can yank it off the wall at The Fastnet Pub! Might want to peel the stickers off and ditch the flood light.... Cheers! Serge
  10. Looking at the photos of KZ-7 going on the ship above it looks like the boom is quite a bit longer than it was back in the day. Good bet that they are giving up a bit of waterline to gain some sail area. Would make sense as I don't think they will sail in big conditions all that often. Anyone know if this is the case?
  11. Not sure of the exact reason for the bow surgery- I'd guess they were trying to tweak it for lighter conditions than Fremantle. Cool to see that she and a lot of other 12s are still being raced and optimized. VICTORY '83 and CHALLENGE 12 have been really pimped out. Cockpits revamped, big roaches on the mainsails, permanent backstays removed, carbon booms and poles, black sails.... Gotta love it!
  12. Saw this at the same yard a few years ago- It's the original (I think) bow segment of KZ-7, aka KIWI MAGIC. To think this caused all that controversy, people wanted to see core samples taken, DC accused the kiwis of cheating (even Tom Blackaller declared "Uh Oh! I don't think he should have said that!"), and so forth and so on. What a great series that was. Dang. Anyway I think it was a honeycomb core with a shitload of glass on either side to bring it up to min panel weight. The solid glass strip down the centerline must have helped w headstay tension quite a bit. Cr
  13. Saw this at the Hinckley yard in Portsmouth RI the other day- One of the twin NZ boats from 1987. Love that the entire aft third of the keel is the trim tab and the wings move with it. Sexy....
  14. I got my COVID shot yesterday afternoon. The Moderna. My arm is a little sore where the microchip is settling into place. I can already tell that it is transmitting and receiving. Bill Gates is responsible for my thoughts being monitored, my actions being dictated. I am now an unwitting participant in a Deep State, Soros-funded, Clinton-controlled scheme on a scale that makes the Jewish Space Lasers look tame. This is even worse than when the Soviets tried to fluoridate our drinking water and ice cream. Before it activates completely and turns me into a half man, half dog hy
  15. I know a little about this subject. Like any good Dad, my father taught me all about it. As a kid (and now a 52 year old kid) I was fascinated by fire. A total pyromaniac. I recall watching the Saturn V rockets going off when I was three or four years old and just loving all the goddamn fire pouring out of those engines.... Fast forward a few years, i was 11 or 12, we were listening to a George Carlin album and he discussed fart lighting. My brother and I were skeptical but fascinated nonetheless. Dad was there and started talking about his days at the frat house, guys drinking
  16. AMERICA CUBED and IL MORO from the 1992 final are both in Osterville, MA. A3 is at the Nauticus Marina and Wedding Venue. The keel is removed, interesting to see how it was attached and the how the kelp cutter (kind of an innovation at the time I think) was configured. IL MORO is next door in the backyard of a regular private home. Looks like a place for an average neglected 4KSB but instead it's an old Cup competitor. I couldn't resist sneaking around and having a peek under the cover. Very cool to be able to see these craft close up. Amazing how dated some gear looks; al
  17. Hang in there Hobot- We need the great photos and you have foredeck duty to do! Cheers, Serge
  18. News story follow up here- 3 custom-built ice boats stolen in trailer from Fraser storage facility (fox2detroit.com) If you hear of anything let him know....
  19. 3 custom-built ice boats stolen in trailer from Fraser storage facility (fox2detroit.com) News story follow up here.... If you see something say something....
  20. STOLEN BOATS AND TRAILER! Ron Sherry’s trailer with 3 Renegade iceboats inside was stolen near Detroit, MI over the weekend from a locked storage facility. Please keep an eye out for these boats. The trailer can be replaced but iceboats built by Ron and his dad, Lorne, can not.
  21. Ron Sherry’s trailer with 3 Renegade iceboats inside was stolen near Detroit, MI over the weekend from a locked storage facility. Please keep an eye out for these boats. The trailer can be replaced but iceboats built by Ron and his dad, Lorne, can not.
  22. From "Little Rat..." and "Amos and Boris" you can get her started on "Aero-Hydrodynamics and the Performance of Sailing Yachts" by Fabio Fossati. It's a nice, light read. Lots of cute, cuddly characters! Of course, I kid....
  23. "Little Rat Goes Sailing" is a good one. Also look for a book called "Amos and Boris" It's about a little mouse who builds a boat called the RODENT and heads for the high seas.... Mom read it with me when I was I pup! Have a great time. Fun age.
  24. Hello All- I've been looking for some books on the '87 America's Cup, specifically any that document the ups and downs of the defense syndicates. The Bond/Parry rivalry is interesting and the stories about the design philosophies and decisions intrigue me. Same for the politics that led to the missed chance to make last minute mods to KOOKA II for the Cup final. Anyone know if there is anything written and available about all this? An Iain Murray biography maybe? Any of the guys in the crews write any books? I've looked around the web and Amazon etc and can't even find
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