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  1. This is the racing version. I think only 2 were built. Moonshine and La Pantera, both in 1977 for the Admirals Cup.
  2. Don't think so. Shockwave was a 1983 Frers and only had one steering wheel.
  3. Tina I Punkt at the 2 Ton Cup in Kiel.
  4. Nice article on all the Yeomans' here. http://www.demi-coques.fr/articlevoile/yeoman
  5. This is the arrangement on Frigate's bridge deck-
  6. Die Hard in her heyday on the cover of Seahorse Magazine 1983.
  7. She's probably already statched in the fore-peak
  8. On a more light hearted note. GailForce a Dubois 42( cruising version of Vanguard) at the pre start of the 1982 China Sea Race.
  9. This article may be of interest- http://rbsailing.blogspot.com/2019/08/the-end-of-ior.html cheers
  10. Could the yacht on the hard be the 1974 One ton Cup Robin which had a fixed keel?
  11. According to his FB page he is planning to sail to the Indian Ocean and Mauritius. https://www.facebook.com/rimas.meleshyus
  12. Is this the same Reculta as discussed earlier this year??
  13. I was under the impression the owner had already made contact with the Carters'.
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