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  1. The rumors circulating around the 1 off event next year at the Isle of Wight have merit. the proposed event will have multiple teams racing in 2 identical AC 75's. It is likely that they will be ENTZ boat 1 and the uncompleted S&S boat, both fitted with the same foils, controls, rigs etc. To qualify for the event teams will need to earn a license by proving their ability to sail the AC75 on a simulator as well as achievement within other foiling events. Each team will need to meet some kind of nationality requirement
  2. That is probably the most relevant comment on this forum.
  3. I’m pretty sure we have achieved herd immunity here. Every breach lately has resulted in zero community transmission. Must be something in the water.
  4. If it came down to a tacking duel my money will be on LR every time. They have more grinders working and helms don’t change sides. To me they look like they are optimised for turning corners. Based on what we’ve seen so far I don’t think it would be too hard for LR to get back in front. Ineos have been losing ground to LR in all the tacks so far.
  5. The umpires should be given the mandate to call right of way boat 15 lengths out then turn the light on whichever boat is required to give way.
  6. Nice spot overlooking the Hendo creek you have there Adrian . That doesn't look like a Frostbite hull getting worked on?
  7. More concerning was that they lost 2 starts against BA. When will Pete win one?
  8. They also changed the wing to increase the camber. I can see a theme emerging...
  9. I seem to remember OR made some pretty significant changes to their wing and control systems. Then learned how to sail the boat.
  10. The intriguing thing about the potential for Ineos to improve will be if Ben was paying attention in 2017 when Oracle were able to make the substantial improvements that lead to their victory. The blueprint for Ineos is right there.
  11. Amazing how everyone thought ETNZ and INEOS were so similar when Te Rehutai was launched. Now they couldn’t look more different.
  12. LR seem to have the cleanest solution but I think at the expense of control in the foot. They can't seem to get as much camber down low as the other teams. It will cost them. Deep camber is key in the foiling boats.
  13. Boom still seems a bit ag doesn't it?
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