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  1. Yes here you go! rig tuning guide.pdf
  2. Yeah, I know... I don’t really get why you would need to change the rig and chain plates to make it competitive?
  3. 3 are sailing regularly at Kettering Yacht Club - Hi Viz, Squiggle and Zorro(?)
  4. Not sure sorry! Just a random name I signed up with in 2011! I was more or less curious as to how to set the boat up. We'd pretty much bought the boat from a guy who hadn't spent much time with it and openly said he wasn't sure about how to manage the rig. I've got some experience with runners on a fractional rig and pre-bend etc... But no real idea about a backstay-less carbon rig with a ram . We more or less found the mast was too floppy and didn't work with the main and had no idea what to do with the ram... Now it looks soooooo much better and sailed really nicel
  5. Thanks so much for the file! It's exactly what I was looking for too! Sailing it in Tassie. Its Hull 012 "Red Centre", ex SunState QLD and Lawmaster
  6. Hello! Was hoping someone would be able to give me some tips or a document on tuning the rig of the Magic 25. I did have a document that showed exactly how to tune the rig but can't find it online anymore! Any help would be amazing!
  7. Cuckoo's Nest was sold mid 90s and renamed Rapscallion. It sailed in the 98 Sydney Hobart (I was on it). Then sold to Tasmania and renamed Interum it sailed another couple of Sydney Hobarts I believe, last I heard it had been renamed Bombora and was perhaps in Victoria. Lovely boat, wicked offwind. Just so-so uphill, Would do well with a carbon rig and a tweaked keel IMHO. Now called Nexedge, was for sale on Gumtree a little while ago and in Tassie. Not sure if still in Tassie now though. https://www.facebook.com/NexedgeR22/
  8. Ultimate Challenge in Hobart Black Magic in Hobart Nadia IV also in Hobart Intrigue still kicking arse - lost the rig last year and now has a Sydney 38 rig I believe
  9. Pipe Opener time again. I think the event is better with the massed starts on the Saturday instead of the pursuit race format. Was always hard to figure out if you go when your number dropped or came up... So.. Who's entered? Any new boats doing it? Have they dredged the marina entrance again? In other news, the KYC has picked up a new clubhouse and should be revamping the Channel Challenge.
  10. Pipe Opener next week. Who's going? Is it just me or has the event died? I keep hearing stories about what used to go on and from what I can see, it's dead.
  11. I heard someone say that it was E11even, Farr 40 mod. Could be wrong.
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