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  1. You are making carbon riggers to make them light and strong. why add metal, the carbon is plenty strong to support an oarlock without a metal insert. besides that for there to be corrosion there needs to be water in-between the materials if there is water between the materials then they are not bonded together any longer so why bond it in the first place. If you did use a metal the stainless steel will only last for 50 years bonded to carbon. if you want it to last longer use a layer of fiberglass between the two materials.
  2. yellow cap on the rear of the engine/trans above the anode cap on the side . anode should be changed yearly also.
  3. thats because there is no one left to get Covid they are already dead. ask the Covid casualties if the economy matters
  4. looks like he was aware of his lack of skills so he left the fenders out to fend of the rocks. he almost missed the rocks by a few hundred yards.
  5. clean bottom and prop? how many hours on the engine? is this the stock prop? how fast on calm water will it go? sounds more like a engine problem. time for new injector? get a hand held tach and check engine and propshaft RPM while underway only way to know for sure what the problem is.
  6. if you are talking about tuning the sails. it might help to know what boat you are sailing
  7. You want to do just what every other boat owner in So Cal is already doing but they are paying through the nose to do it and you want to do it cheap. not going to happen. you might have to change your plans a bit. owning a boat means you are forever getting it ready to sail and practicing
  8. I used Samson Trophy Braid. it is double braid, easy to do end to end splice and you have a hard time finding the splice. very good grip on the drum and hand.
  9. what ever, ok then you are right and you win, happy now
  10. A Galvanic isolator is to isolate the ground wire that is connected to shore ground from you boat . this way you don't share your anode with any other boats on the same shore ground
  11. Over the years I have seen 3 Volvo sail drives that desolved before the owners eyes . I have seen 2 yammers that desolved. it happens to all models if they are not taken care of. always hopping that my Yanmar is not the next one i see. I check the voltage readings every 6 months and after the anode is changed. prop has it own anodes and the boat has it own . This thread is the 4th Volvo which i have heard about.
  12. why does Volvo isolate their sail drives and most others don't. it does not seem to solve any problem with corrosion as they seem to have a many problems as any manufacture with corroding away the saildrives. i think it is in Volvo's nature that they are right and you are doing it wrong.
  13. Volvo is isolated from other grounds so most likely used up the zinc and got replace to late or oxide on the zinc anode kept it from working properly.
  14. if the zincs are pristine then they are not doing there job, they should be corroding away not the saildrive. Hanse mostly use Volvo sail drives which saildrive the volvo is not grounded and most others are. does the boat have a galvanic isolator installed? all manufactures now recommend the use of an Aluminum alloy anode for there saildrive in saltwater or brackish water. aluminum alloy anodes do not form a oxide coating that causing the zinc anode to stop working when used on an aluminum saildrive. the prop should have a separate anode. most sail drives have an anode that is designed to p
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