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  1. Well you are right about just wiping with clearer does not passivate. passivation is not done with electricity. the electro polishing is but is not like chrome plating . Electro polishing is a process that is used to remove metal ( not add metal ) from the part and by removing the metal smoothes the surface so to the eye the surface looks more polished. it removes the microscopic burrs left from mechanical polishing. Passivation is a separate process that can be done with or without electropolishing. Passivation is done after electropolishing and is the process that removes the iron molecul
  2. Spotless Stainless is not the cheapest but one of the best if your time means anything to you
  3. hard to tighten the halyard when the bottom half is hanging over the side. brand new sail judging by the color?
  4. you can over protect a wood hull but not a fiberglass one. two anodes will last twice as long as one
  5. been using this white fiberglass panel instead of expensive and ugly color G10, works very well for many boat projects. Mc master Carr Chemical resistance FRP 2194K27. for an Ice box you could also use FRP wall panel from building supply about 30 bucks for 4x8 panel
  6. I have a SD20 and 3YM20 in salt and I have been using aluminum on the outside and zinc pencil inside the SD 20 with no problem for the last 6 years. Use flexifold alum on the prop. I also have hanging aluminum anode to help the SD anode because it is only to cover the SD itself. spoke to boat zinc and they said that the inside and outside were different galvanic cells so not a problem.
  7. Snap shackle pops open. whats new about that? soft shackles don't hurt near as much
  8. Stainless steel 4x4 https://realfunny.net/picture-2101-4x4-delorean-is-sure-to-turn-heads-on-the-trail-.html
  9. Fitting in the last pic looks like flare fitting. 3/8" 45 degree flare fitting? all the lines look like flare ends
  10. Just tried to order some stuff but it would not add them to the Cart and the plus number did not work. Defender site works fine but to long a wait so i will call order in tomorrow
  11. Three times the time and money to install cleats and then designed in a known failure point , plastic threads. When all it would take are some SS washers and nuts on the back side. Reinvent the wheel and make it square only to find out it works better round after all.
  12. https://cowboystatedaily.com/2019/08/07/wind-turbine-blades-being-disposed-of-in-casper-landfill/
  13. Thanks, glade to see is doing well. he does some cool art
  14. Are the boats still available ? I talked to jim about the boat 10 years ago and he was 80 back then. hope he is still doing well but have not heard about him or his boat for awhile.
  15. 33" model weights 4.5 pounds way to heavy. their theory about the only the ends getting used and they want more contact area is all wrong unless you have the power to push that much sand paper across the surface while pushing up on the board. long boards help mark where to sand with shorter boards. I made the boards I use from laying up 2 thin plys of glass about 3-4 " wide and bond on two lengthwise stringers of 1" by 1/2" cedar or balsa. the paper almost weights more then the board. diagonal sanding with very course paper is the key, keeps the surface true and makes the paper in the cen
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