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  1. Thanks, i added a regatta marks and then i could setup which info i want to be displayed, now i have SOG and can also modify wind direction, if needed. Thank you
  2. Windows 10 Google Chrome Versione 83.0.4103.106 (Build ufficiale) (a 64 bit) The speed id shown only when i select the view AUTO (cycle view) it appears once in a while, then the view changes and the SOG disappear, and after it is shown again, cycling Another question i would like to modify wind direction, it is always 360°, it is customizable? Thanks
  3. Great app, Raceqs i love it, simple and clear. One question, when i watch the 3d replay on the browser, i would like to see the speed all the time, but it appear and disappear, is it possible to keep it visible all the time? thank you My first sail: https://raceqs.com/tv-beta/tv.htm#userId=1164115&updatedAt=2020-06-14T15:15:21Z&dt=2020-06-14T13:50:09+02:00..2020-06-14T17:13:22+02:00&boat=Cenerentola&time=1592137483848&focus=Cenerentola&tab=fleet&view=auto
  4. Finally i managed, thank you very much. The kew sentence is " if you replay your recorded track in a browser ", i was trying to replay directely from the app ok that's it, looks like a great app, i will use it! bye
  5. Hi all, I'm back sailing after the lockdown. i tried raceqs but i couldnt recall the track, it only shows distance and max speed. i would like to see the path and the boat speed in every point. During sailing, I'm solo and i don't manage to pay any attention to the mobile, neither look nor touch it in any way. I just start tracking when going in water and stop it when I'm back on the beach. Maybe it's me that i didn't find the option, but raceqs doesn't show me the detailed track sailed. Is there any app that can do this? Thanks
  6. Ok thanx, that's why i couldn't find it, actually it looks pretty cool. I've also to find out which app is using less battery
  7. Thank you very much guys, I'll try them and will figure out the more suitable for my needs!
  8. Hi all, I've just bought an old class A catamaran, I'm having a lot of fun and learning how to handle it. I was wondering if there is an app for my Android smartphone that could record the path and the boat speed. I'm using Strava that is mainly for runners, is out there any app more specific for sailing? Thank you very much, enjoy sailing Eiasu
  9. We still hope, days are passing and still no news about the sailor and the boat, this is the last message from the FB page Acocella Missing:
  10. Updates: https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=10156784646658167&id=721558166
  11. An 8m trimaran is lost since 10 days with onboard an experienced 32 years old italian sailor. Here more details on the sister's fb page
  12. Hallo, i really love sailing,

    now i live in the middle of Germany in a spiritual commune

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