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  1. anyone need an extra hand on Sat NOOD? PShift is out for the LD because of lack of crew.
  2. Too bad Riot Fest is the same weekend.
  3. Kind of a bummer that no jets will be in the show this year. Good luck with your NA's.
  4. What's going on out on the water this weekend?
  5. Nah, It was funny. I won't be at the party on Friday so I'll see you and all you other clowns up on the Island - and everyone from Circus, too
  6. That's not very nice. Forecast keeps looking better and better. Race to the wind a little ways north and then a roller coaster ride for the rest.
  7. So little Mac Chatter - okay, I will start it off - what about this forecast? http://www.lakeeriewx.com/Racing/RTM-2013/Tuesday/RTM_Tuesday.html The WPC surface forecast for Friday continues to show Lake Michigan under the influence of a large area of high pressure. While the GFS wind forecast for Friday afternoon suggests southerly winds of less than 10 knots, I am concerned that the wind forecast may be too optimistic. Considering the weak pressure gradient over southern Lake Michigan, a forecast for light and variable winds may be more appropriate. On Saturday, the pressure gradie
  8. Happy week before Sailor Christmas, everyone.
  9. Anyone looking for foredeck or trimming help this weekend?
  10. Hey gents, long time no talk via SA - hope you're all well. Anyone have any West Marine purchases coming up? I got a $200 Gift Card as a gift but there's nothing I really need. Looking to unload this thing for $160. PM me.
  11. What a blast yesterday! Swimming, floorboard wakeboarding, warm weather - and a couple of good spins around the cans once the weather filled in. Fun times indeed.
  12. Anyone need anyone for Sunday?
  13. I won't get as passionate as Blubs here but I kind of agree. What a pretty cool event to be involved with and was surprised by the lack of familiar faces at the Pier. Bump. Having been to these CMRC events before I can say I'm pretty bummed to have missed it. Always world class action. Without Bayview I would have been there for sure.
  14. Is anyone looking for a hotel roommate on the Island? Staying till Weds.
  15. What boat is that? That's wild. And cool.
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