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  1. Cant Crunch: Ground Tackle Marine in BC are Sarca dealers. If the shipping is still prohibitive, they respond quickly to emails and you can see if they are coming to a boat show closer to you. https://www.groundtackle.com/
  2. The cars make it look like that photo was either taken a looooong time ago, or that boat lives in final resting place of many things that moved once upon a time.
  3. I don't think a Pagent needs more windage, and aesthetically I am a huge foe of crap on the back. The solar needs would drop significantly once the AC is taken out. I like simple.
  4. The amount of time it would take to remove most of the "improvements" would be a massive deterrent. The arch alone would a pain in the ass to remove, let alone sanding and repainting over the Partridge Family Spectacular Spectacular paint job.
  5. Put your sunglasses on. Seriously. http://www.yachtworld.com/boats/1971/Westerly-23-Pageant-2981297/Paris-Landing/TN/United-States#.WZEH6IUpDYU
  6. Object Permanence. Usually starts around 8 months old, usually complete by two years old. I think Rimas just uses the "out of food, out of water" cry to gin up the donation and rescue team. Of course, the problem with crying wolf is that when he is actually out of food and water no one will believe him or take his situation seriously.
  7. Love FCCs! Good to see one out and about.
  8. I forget, someone remind me...Jim Furnish is just trolling the shit out of the FB fan club, right? He has just about every Rimas bungle in one post.
  9. I admire that it's still on a trailer. That seems so optimistic.
  10. Oh good, god forbid he learns anything. The important thing is that first responders are needlessly put in harm's way so Rimas can do this over and over and over.
  11. He consistently gets rescued from his terrible decisions, which is why he is out there once again. I'm all for natural consequences from here on out. Learn to sail, plot a course, provision, and do maintenance or enjoy the results. No more rescues, free boats, or get out of jail free cards for this guy.
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