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  1. Stamford YC in Stamford CT - definitely in the commutable distance from NYC. A lot of express trains to Stamford daily both weekdays and weekends. - easy Uber or bike ride from the train to the club. Hoist and depth should be OK except possibly at low tide. What do you draw/displace? The hoist at SYC has a limit but it was suitable for dry sailing a Melgas 24. A lot of the distance races start/end at SYC so it makes transits easy.
  2. Could be temperature. I replaced my delrine bushings last year in the spring and had a hell of a time getting them on one morning. But by early afternoon after sitting in the sun I found the slipped right on. I did this over the course of a few days when I had the rudder out and was prepping the rudder to go back in. Later that evening when things cooled off and the bushings were in the shade tried they were hard to slip on so I took a hairdryer to them and wouldn’t you know, they slipped right on. I noticed that in cooler weather, 50 degrees and colder that the bushings get
  3. Why not just jump into your fully crewed division and sail SH or DH or +1 or whatever. Given the limitations of my boat - 1982, 37 foot IOR influenced racer/ cruiser I sure as shit was not going to jump into the DH classes we have around here with the J-120s Sunfast 3600 etc and other sprit boats. Instead I jumped into my PHRF class rating fleet ( usually 100-125) and raced against fully crewed boats. For Overnight distance I go DH, for middle distance day racing and navigator’ish buoy racing I go SH. At least that way I can compete with more like kind boats. Don’t wait on someone el
  4. Foolish - Awesome, an "ah ha" moment soon as a read it! Very much appreciated, been doing the opposite and burning up a lot of amps as the AP fights to bring the bow back down. This will give me a lot more confidence to push the boat on a run with the full chute. Gotta try the gybing without shifting the pole.
  5. I have the lazy sheet disconnected and only connect it right before I gybe. As soon as I connect it I disconnect the old sheet and as the sail floats around the front I move across the boat and start pulling in the new sheet. I also make sure to run the new sheet inside the pulpit, but in front of the tack, and on the deck of the new leeward side so it gives me time to get to the new sheet and haul it in before it can fall overboard and get caught under the boat (been there done that). I've done this with light to moderately winds and have not had a problem with it once I get the ri
  6. Looks like you have an older IOR'ish type hull and the boat looks like a classic racer/cruiser with a Big J and I assume masthead. I have a similar sized boat, early 80's vintage that I SH and DH with. Since the DH community around here (Long Island Sound) is sprit boat focused I have been entering my boat (rates 117) in fully crewed class of like-kind boats and been having a ball doing this. I've long pondered what you are asking - and been where you are. Here is what I do based on a lot of hard work (changing sails) then getting good advise from others - I have a 135 RF jib that is c
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