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  1. Happy Monday Punters! And Hobot - may all your grammar be perfect!
  2. Oohhhh LJ Toranas! Noice one Hobot!! (And an HQ a few up the line)
  3. Snaggletooth's Friday night!
  4. Hey Hobot, small random pic hijack I found, but there is a theme here. And that theme is... "Finding rocks where you really don't want them..."
  5. That would have to be Parramatta Rd, inner west, around mid 70's.....
  6. "...No bloody wind, get your arses over the side & clean the hull! Gently wipe it, don't scrub it! You know how much it cost to replace the antifoul on her each year...??"
  7. I didn't know that Bettie did chainsaw. That kept her looking tight!
  8. Up in the lulls, soak in the pressure... Happy Friday Punters!
  9. ... in which case he is a WWII serviceman...
  10. BTW that is a very nice HQ Monaro they saved!
  11. And seeing as we're on a bridge theme, I reckon that is Sydney Harbour bridge construction, 1920's. Looking down on the North side, a soon to be defunct ferry terminal on the shore. Clearly a Great War vet standing there by the distinct slouch hat.
  12. I'd reckon that is the Bridge in Hobart that got taken out by a ship, about '78..??
  13. Sunset over Freshwater Bay yesterday. Yes that's my club on the far side!
  14. Thats pronounced "nook-you-ler!"
  15. Happy Friday Punters! Thanks for another great year of Random pics Hobot! And may all your plans for 2022 be THIS big!!
  16. I'll guess Sydeneeee - 1950's..? Trams still there, Tooths pub. Mebee George or Pitt St....
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