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  1. I saw this boat on the repairyard in February this year? I am quite sure they just left the yard when it happened. Maybe left open a hatch??
  2. It sunk a month ago just before the corona lockdown bullshit here when leaving the bay in Curacao. People onboard were saved and they left boat drifting and washed ashore in Aruba. This vessel was laying for many years unused in the Spanishwater bay. Was just sold I think. Very unlucky.... For sale ad and Pintrest ad
  3. In CSA the j121 rates 0.993 (with waterballast) compare to j122 who has 0.955 in CSA ( 1.089 in IRC)
  4. Apollo sailed first race in Heineken Regatta @ St. Maarten http://regattaguru.com/heineken/100237/class_results/101005 Solid 1st place.
  5. We have had a lot of broaches during the years bit this one was the worst, it were actually 2 broaches in one. Just at the last gate at shore...... We made a wonderful gybe on sea before coming in where we kept planing full speed through the whole gybe. I blame it the balls of the rudder bearing, they are probably square now. I was at the helm race before and the rudder got stuck sometimes at one side under pressure. We even lost a runner out of the mast during the broach. I still hear the owner saying please guys don't sink the boat.... ehh yea we're on it...who the fuck put a figure knot
  6. At least lots of fun in heavy weather. @ last Heineken Regatta Curacao https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.298715343623454.1073741873.114699138691743&type=1
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