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  1. Its been a long time since you've posted. Everything OK?

  2. I didn't say "exonerated from findings". You are making shit up, Dog. Stop doing that or I'm going to have to smack you with the newspaper again.
  3. Barr is not the DOJ, did not set the policies governing the DOJ, nor set the bounds of DOJ employees when it comes to the sitting president. I think you're wrong and, unlike you, have actually read the report.
  4. And yet that disagreement means nothing. If you'd read the report, you'd know why he didn't do that and why you are wrong about the inconsequentialism of his lack of conclusion given it explicitly states Trump is not exonerated by the findings.
  5. The DOJ doesn't dispute it. Neither does Mueller. That others do doesn't matter when analysing the report given Mueller has explicitly stated that is a policy he understands to be in force.
  6. It doesn't matter that it's disputed. It matters that it is current policy, that Mueller believed that policy to mean he couldn't conclude a sitting president committed a crime, and that the report was based on that understanding.
  7. It doesn't matter who disagrees with his interpretation. What matters is Mueller was the person in charge of the investigation, in charge of what was concluded in the document, and in charge of which policies would be followed and how. He stated that he couldn't conclude a sitting president committed a crime because of the DOJ policy against indicting said president regardless of what he found. The report was written by him and therefore, regardless of how much you disagree with it, his lack of concluding Trump committed crimes means nothing at all.
  8. Or he is impeached constitutionally. Why do you dislike the Constitution, Dog?
  9. Who has said he couldn't report his findings? I certainly didn't. You're making shit up again Dog. There is a difference between reporting findings (which Mueller did) and using those findings to make a conclusion Mueller stated he was unable to due to DOJ policy. Read the report, Dog. You're just flailing about in the dark until you do.
  10. Been beating that drum myself for years. Friend of mine, much smarter & erudite than I can ever hope to be, wrote a book on it. Fields invitations around the world to discuss it. Might be a little socialistical for your tastes, given he comes to the conclusion that capitalism needs a major rethink when this hapens, but worth a read nonetheless. https://www.newsouthbooks.com.au/books/why-the-future-is-workless/
  11. Not my point, as I'm not as averse to refugees coming here as the average Liberal-but-maybe-One-Nation voter. The point is that they stand accused, but not convicted, of murder just like the refugees they don't want to ship in from Nauru. Their case got thrown out of court in the US, not because it was determined that they didn't commit the murders, but because it wasn't in the US jurisdiction. The US didn't want them, but the Liberals were willing to take them off the US hands and settle them here. This after spending months blowing the "African gangs rampaging through Melbourne" dogwhistle s
  12. Australia resettled two Rwandans accused of murder in secret deal with US So, the Liberals have essentially handed the xenophobic vote to One Nation with that. Can't bring refugees from Nauru here but we'll take African murderers the US doesn't want & can't charge. Dutton was beating the the racist "African gangs in Melbourne" drum whilst trying to keep this one under wraps? It's almost enough to think the hard-right faction are tossing the election on purpose so they can get rid of Morrison.
  13. It is wrong, but it is a fundamental assumption that is needed to justify that anything promoting growth is good. It's another failing of the capitalist system in the face of the "more labour than jobs" issue, which is why instead of being examined in the rigorous manner a free marketeer might a suggestion of regulation, it is dismissed as not being a problem with nothing more than a wave of the hand. Capitalism requires a certain key assumptions to hold true in order to work - one of the big ones falling away in the face of technology is the need for humans to provide the labour to conve
  14. He's not "just a troll". He's a troll in addition to being a loyal water carrier for the GOP and their representatives. On any given day, on any given issue involving individuals in the US government, Dog can be relied upon to give you the official right-wing talking points to deflect criticism from Republicans onto Democrats. If he is being quiet, it's because the GOP spin-machine hasn't given him his position yet.
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