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  1. Its been a long time since you've posted. Everything OK?

  2. I didn't say "exonerated from findings". You are making shit up, Dog. Stop doing that or I'm going to have to smack you with the newspaper again.
  3. Barr is not the DOJ, did not set the policies governing the DOJ, nor set the bounds of DOJ employees when it comes to the sitting president. I think you're wrong and, unlike you, have actually read the report.
  4. And yet that disagreement means nothing. If you'd read the report, you'd know why he didn't do that and why you are wrong about the inconsequentialism of his lack of conclusion given it explicitly states Trump is not exonerated by the findings.
  5. The DOJ doesn't dispute it. Neither does Mueller. That others do doesn't matter when analysing the report given Mueller has explicitly stated that is a policy he understands to be in force.
  6. Apologies. My intent was not to malign your point of view, merely coming from the understanding that a lot of people come at this angle from a perspective unrelated to science (see Chesapeake's clumsy attempt to make BJ's love for his daughter "proof" of something against abortion for instance). When I say "science based", I am referring to the fact that the biological necessities of consciousness are not present before twenty-four weeks and can show up as late as twenty-eight weeks for babies without brain-damage (obviously it can be a lot later, to never, for them). I too have the paper
  7. And therein lies his problem. If you're sorry, you don't keep trying to justify the actions. If you're sorry, you apologise and move on. Chesapeake acted like someone that found the blowback inconvenient to his argument, not like someone that realised he overstepped the line, felt some remorse for "going there", and wouldn't do that again. He may feel differently, that I cannot say, but his repeated attempts to add "just one more thing" after saying he apologised doesn't indicate that. He could have just left it when he revisited the thread this morning, but instead hd to take one more s
  8. It doesn't matter that it's disputed. It matters that it is current policy, that Mueller believed that policy to mean he couldn't conclude a sitting president committed a crime, and that the report was based on that understanding.
  9. It doesn't matter who disagrees with his interpretation. What matters is Mueller was the person in charge of the investigation, in charge of what was concluded in the document, and in charge of which policies would be followed and how. He stated that he couldn't conclude a sitting president committed a crime because of the DOJ policy against indicting said president regardless of what he found. The report was written by him and therefore, regardless of how much you disagree with it, his lack of concluding Trump committed crimes means nothing at all.
  10. Or he is impeached constitutionally. Why do you dislike the Constitution, Dog?
  11. You're reading what you want Porter - but that's not at all surprising. I *did* apologize for the way I went about asking the question. It was inappropriate of me to even suggest anything w/r/t how or when you felt what about anyone in your family. With all due respect, Chesapeake, your apologies were all mixed up in your justifications. Which is not conciliatory or apologetic. It demonstrates you regret the action, but not that you have remorse for it. Hell, you're still stubbornly trying to make out it wasn't "quite that bad" and that Porter shouldn't be so offended. You wa
  12. Then you spend your time in the most unsavoury parts of it. Hell, you haven't even spent much time here. "Sorry, but I was justified" is not conciliatory. You want a conciliatory apology for something, despite a long-held disdain between one another - check out how Bus Driver apologised to Happy Jack. No excuses, no justification, just admitting he was wrong, that it was wrong to do what he did, and apologising for it. Even went so far as to stick it in his signature as some kind of public self-flagellation. Chesapeake seems to regret doing what he did, given how hard it snapped back
  13. Who has said he couldn't report his findings? I certainly didn't. You're making shit up again Dog. There is a difference between reporting findings (which Mueller did) and using those findings to make a conclusion Mueller stated he was unable to due to DOJ policy. Read the report, Dog. You're just flailing about in the dark until you do.
  14. Been beating that drum myself for years. Friend of mine, much smarter & erudite than I can ever hope to be, wrote a book on it. Fields invitations around the world to discuss it. Might be a little socialistical for your tastes, given he comes to the conclusion that capitalism needs a major rethink when this hapens, but worth a read nonetheless. https://www.newsouthbooks.com.au/books/why-the-future-is-workless/
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