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  1. Haven’t we already done this thread a few times? And there are books on the subject. Some cruisers beg freezer space from local restaurants to freeze out weevils from flours and meals. But hey, weevils in your flour is just like beef in your alfalfa! I’m a bit partial to R&B. Rice & Beans. And we can always learn from the master: Can be used to make pretty decent fish cakes too! And back in the day when *ahem* certain friends and family members were on “assistance” those powdered eggs and dried skim milk went a long long way. Though there is a bit o
  2. Just remember: Weevils is good eatin’!
  3. It’s a bondage boat. Can’t be explicit in a family forum. Personally, I think the guy should keep it and start a fleet. I once had the urge to collect all the neglected Hobie 16’s in the area, to get enough parts for a small club. But it turns out that I don’t really have that many friends who sail. Or who can be be induced to.
  4. “Enhancing Shareholder Value.” Anyhow, some Bond Villain will probably take if off their hands in a pinch.
  5. I seem to recall reading that Robin Lee Graham got so tired of getting "pooped" that he decked-over the cockpit of Dove before departing South Africa. Not sure exactly what that looked like. I don't recall there being much at all in the book about the Atlantic crossing.
  6. Dunno - the Monster Wheel makes full-on manual sewing a thing. For quick jobs like repairing a strap, I often don't even turn on the power. ... I think I hear Great-Gramma snorting at that statement...
  7. Just had a small part from West Marine go from the Bay Area to Portland, then back and forth to Atlanta a couple of times before being sent out here to BFE for delivery. Blew up last weekend's project.
  8. FWIW, the only way I’ve been able to get decent control of the SR machine is to always sew barefoot. And that tends to waver when I get tired. I was tempted to jump right on that SR motor upgrade - it’s just that the price is right at my “stop and dither for a few months” point. And the next few projects are mostly ripstop anyway, which I’ll probably just use Mom’s old machine for. Plus the whole “moving aboard” thing is looking more and more likely in the next few months and I’m just not sure whether there’s a place for the sewing room. Their table with servo motor and foot trea
  9. “Battle Born” and the like assure us that their products can simply be “dropped in.” But I have been somewhat disappointed with the results. I think what is going on is that the (existing) cheap shore power charger arbitrarily shuts off the “bulk” phase too soon and the LiFePO’s never get charged more than about 80%. A very cheap way to achieve the same result! Except there’s no way to get to 100% SOC via shore power. Unless I’m wrong and it’s something else. And as far as I can discern, the Victron battery monitor arbitrarily resets to “100%” whenever the bulk charging stops, regar
  10. I didn’t have time to watch, but at least I scanned part of the Delos menu last night. It’s something like: “Changing diapers. On a boat.” 190k views ”Fixing the starter. On a boat.” 203k views ”HORRIFIC STORM AT SEA” 1.4M views ”Mending the whisker pole.” 120k views Seems to tell the story in a nutshell
  11. Which brings up the question: “Is it possible to “shanghai” oneself?
  12. I actually like that boat. And that photo. Curious why this one wasn’t chosen for deletion instead:
  13. If the boat is actually sailing… that hat must be 5200’d down.
  14. Hmm. I hadn't thought very much about that either, and I lost the pig-tail to the backstay when I re-rigged. My gooseneck is in a short track, which would allow it to be dropped a little bit. Maybe enough to square it to a small boom-gallows on the back edge of the (perpetually next project) ugly dodger. I was ready to do that when I had the mast down last, but had visions of it instantly chafeing a big hole in the main. I guess I'll have to take a look at what's happening at that spot, next time the main is hard over to the spreader. Dunno... picturing the proce
  15. Seems as if "the captain" sleeping in the cockpit is its own solution to "night orders." Anything that tumbles him into the footwell, probably needs attention. Unless he's a really heavy sleeper. Of course, on my boat, that would probably break the tiller.
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