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  1. Dunno... somewhere around the time I became addicted to engineering pads, mechanical pencils obviated my pencil-sharpening days. But of course, then a place to store a selection of colors and widths became necessary. Until I started teaching. Half the class shows up to an exam without a writing instrument. (Pre-Meds and Nursing students, just so you know what you’re getting for your thousand dollar a minute health care.) So I have to carry a box of pencils. But university classrooms no longer have pencil sharpeners. So I have to own a pencil-sharpener-on-a-board. Somehow reminiscent
  2. Man I’ve thrown away tons of pool-noodle-like foam (polyethylene) in the last few days. Lots of stuff comes packed in it. Could be cut to any shape. I seem to recall seeing blocks of it at Harbor Freight for their pelican-like boxes, to form fit your stuff into their stuff. Might have been something else tho. Maybe a hard rubber could be a more permanent solution? IDK what your set-up looks like exactly but rubber blocks can be had from Damazon and the like for a few bucks. One of the projects deep in my todo list is permanently installing the VSWR meter in the radio panel. It’s ju
  3. From the terminals to the stations, it goes by truck. In between refineries and terminals is where the large volume stuff kicks in. Ours comes by ship and goes up the river in big barges. So I suppose piracy is an option...
  4. Sounds like a shop set up for wholesale or business-to-business sales. Retail customers are a pesky annoyance.
  5. Slightly different case: I've been sent home with a bottle of pain pills a few times after various mishaps and procedures and almost never used any of them. Prescription labels are in my name, but they are all years old. I've been keeping them around, "just in case." Trouble? If you have a prescription "for the boat" does it expire? Actually, decoding the brand names, there are some very old codeines and rest all seem to be valiums.
  6. I've been thinking of switching to two of those 11 lb. worthington cylinders when my current big horizontal cylinder expires. For ease of hauling and because I've been eyeballing the space currently used by the big cylinder for Other Purposes. I kinda like the look of that Railblaza mount. It's the sort of thing that makes you think, "but - I could just build that!" But I've drunk the Kool-aid on some of their other (pricey) products. Then I notice that they couldn't even stage a photograph of a decent use-case. When installed on the rail as designed, it's too high for either propan
  7. Reminds me of a couple of books I read last year from the 30's and 40's. Sounds like qualified Captains were already getting scarce. Tango Around the Horn - a crew sails "America's Last Great Sailing Ship" with a cargo of lumber to Africa during WWII. A large part of it was verbatim excerpts from the diaries of two crew members. Remarkable the number of times the captain discovered a navigation error and they were actually hundreds of miles from where they thought. e.g. all hands on deck looking for islands in the fog that were no where near. Sterling Hayden's Wanderer. Only a
  8. Good grief, I guess it has been 25 years since I drove a power boat bigger than my dinghy. But I see other people doing it every day and it doesn’t look too hard: Open a beer. Slam the throttle all the way up. Turn around to chat with the people seated behind you.
  9. I looked into that when I got my Johnson/Suzuki - big difference is the throttle body. Much larger orifice on the 15. And some other tricky little throttle-related gadget that I don’t recall exactly ATM. Adjusts something at higher RPM. Anyhow, didn’t have much luck finding the parts on line. I prolly don’t need the extra 5hp, but somehow feel deprived without it. Oh wait, did I have something on-topic to contribute? Ah, that was it: weight. Stuff left on the deflateable dinghy floor (e.g. the fuel tank) when it’s hanging works with gravity and bumps and hot sun to peel away at
  10. Dunno. Un-insulated pole barn in Minnesota... not very cozy. But I suppose that’s considered balmy for our Northern brethren.
  11. In my pre-homeowner days (i.e. when I still had "free" time) I used to keep some camping gear and a change of clothes in a box in the 4runner. Theoretically, I could take off at a moments notice. Or just not go home from a day trip, if things were going well. About 25 years ago, I restored a 1950's "canned ham" trailer for a vacation. I found a lot of places wouldn't allow any RV more than 20 years old (sometimes 10!). Of course, now it's a "classic" and in high demand. Prolly just sell it as part of general liquidation. It doesn't tow very easily on the highway, and as mentioned abo
  12. Lotta good thoughts here. I did drive a 4Runner for 24 years. The only vehicle I ever bought new. The problem was it was just too small. The knees-up seating position was very uncomfortable after a couple of hours. Couldn’t drive it with my shoes on. Not quite enough room in the back to lay down. If two people sat in the front, there was always an extra elbow that didn’t fit anywhere. I did get it up to 300,000 miles. My border collies loved it - it was their happy place. The Suburbasaurus was a beater, but by comparison, was much more relaxing to drive. Except in city traffic
  13. Weirdly enough, this is almost a dead ringer for my dog:
  14. So things are getting kind of serious and the “sail away” option might finally happen this year. But as international borders are a bit sticky at the moment, I’ve been thinking about options for overland travel, as a supplement to cruising. When I first started The Plan, I figured that the folding bicycle and light camping gear would take care of that. But hell, I’m going to be over 60 overly soon. That might not last for long. And the dog might go along. So what other options do people enjoy for a tour around the continents? A land yacht is out. That’s what the yacht yacht is
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