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  1. It is, most of the French 99 are set-up with a sym.
  2. CH-Cowes is a 10-12 hours crossing Northbound with 2 full lateral tides, meaning you don't have to compensate and pick your way into the Solent. Le Havre or St Malo are a whole different story.
  3. SF3200 can be found fof 80k, Sunfast 32 @ 35K
  4. On her way to becoming the fastest lass around the world. Way to go Clacla!
  5. Actually, if home is the Solent, Cherbourg is a lot closer than Plymouth and has a neutral tide!
  6. I am 182 cms and do not have standing headroom in the J/99 or sitting headroom at the chart table, which was slightly disturbing. The best IRC short-handed 30ish footer is hands down the JPK 1010, it's fast, well-thought, has plenty of headroom and comfort features.
  7. SF 3200, SunFast 32, First 31.7, Elan 310....
  8. Dutreux! "Le jeune branleur" just crossed the line 28 hours after Bestaven what a feat!
  9. Voador,Juliette, Fluke and Diablo J have done extremely well offshore short-handed on our side of the pond, so I'd say yes. If you're doing coastal & day races, A J/92 would tick all the boxes while being easier to manage and more nimble.
  10. Instead, we're missing all-day breakfast and a pint, which is a lot worse!
  11. Funny you should mention crossing the line and going back home without setting foot ashore, we and many other French sailors have been doing just that for many years without whining because we have to be at work on Monday morning. Many British boats do the exact same thing for the Cervantes Trophy, Cowes-Dinard, Cowes-Cherbourg, and La Trinité and it does not seem to be a problem for them either. Should you want a UK race between British sailors in British ports, then be it, but it's certainly not in the RORC DNA or program which consists mainly of crossings from Cowes to Le Havre,
  12. If you are a beginner at DH, don't spend money yet as you will change boat when you know what's right for you. J92 is a great suggestion, Figaro One is a great option for solo without being too complicated, think First 31.7 lighter by a ton, J/105 is a great DH offshore boat
  13. Depends on the laminate, I have found polyester-based cruising laminate like DCX-CDX holding shape much better than dacron and resisting well to flaking, and the North 3DI Nordac even superior without breaking the bank (at North standard).
  14. Shame though that he sets sail after confinement, the pace would have been perfect for 2020
  15. I am sure this is in the pipeline. Easy win for Macron but I would worry what Jean could say then. Il n'a pas sa langue dans sa poche... (he doesn't keep his tongue in his pocket)
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