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  1. Which where and when did a Noelex do a S2H..... not saying they can’t... just be tough to meet the modern stability and structural safety elements... PM me
  2. https://yachthub.com/list/yachts-for-sale/used/sail-monohulls/young-11/233017 you ignoring this one so nobody else sees what a bargain it is
  3. Any more information or results? They must be rolling out of the shed
  4. So if the CYCA think multihulls are unsafe to race to Hobart... what are they going to say when the first full foiling monohull turns up? Ie full crewed IMOCA 60 ????? Or will they just move the stability requirements beyond their reach protecting 100 foot dinosaurs?
  5. Has there ever been a year that the 50's haven't been tipped? look at results from 2 years ago (in another 50 footer year) a certain JPK 1080 got second overall..
  6. The JPK 1080 will be the one to watch.....
  7. New Scallywag..... why continue to invest in a 100 that really hasn't meat expectations when you can buy Comanche and have the currently fastest 100 on the planet
  8. Just to add to the rumour mill.... Comanche = Scallywag
  9. Current maxi going around the world has averaged 36 knots. Wild oats in the Kepple race were patting themselves on the back for averaging 22knots over only 400 miles..... Mono's still have a long way to go
  10. XL Dsq'd, no shit. There's ample evidence in a couple of photos up-thread to decide that. Probably won't make Coompsy feel any better about things though. Hope the repairs are on-time and she can get away soon. Was this enough for XLR8 owner to throw hands in the air and list his boat for sale? What is happening in Melb with all your Div 0 and most Div 1 boats up for sale or sold.
  11. Isn't Alinghi already in this game lol. I would not be surprised if the challenger of record didn't have some Alinghi stickers on the boat.
  12. Rob Date decision to commision Reichel-Pugh for this design was a good one, but has all the build structural (delamination )issues been resolved? The latest generation TP52s appear to have an IRC rating advantage at the moment. The Southern Cross cup this weekend appears to have addressed this issue with a age rating allowance which will be interesting to see if it evens up the ratings?. The first couple of boats will get richer as the older slightly slower boats will be getting disturbed air up the beats. The age allowance better be healthy.
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