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  1. Thank you for agreeing with the thrust of my original post.
  2. My sympathies. But the description of Ralph Lauren branding aside. Few individuals have better sense of where the sport of sailing needs to go than John Bertrand. This AC winner, observed after Tokyo, (where he presided over the wildly successful rebuilding of Australia swimming) that to have place going forward sailing needed to pick its head up and look 20’years down the road and recognize that skateboarding is the competition. in that context, the image of Biff and Buffy sailing vintage boats may sell clothes, but seems the wrong culture for a sailing team looking to
  3. While I'm not wild about doubling down on the white privilege signaling - not worth getting worked up about. As the saying goes, in the America's Cup - No cash, no splash. Until this syndicate finds $100M, they cant compete. Neither S&S nor NYYC have that kind of money. No real harm in swimming around looking for a benefactor.
  4. Doing a complete replacement on actively raced Frers 33. Last time I was really tuned into the products was 20 years ago..... Looking for quality/reliability of data and displays as top priority, ability to configure displays is 2nd , wireless access to the data is 3rd priority. Need the basics on deck - Speed, Heading, TWD, COG, BRG, DIST. Boat is shorthanded a bunch, so a chart plotter on deck is a must. I'm highly skeptical of tactical displays for weekend warriors - but open to being convinced that there is a great display for starting or tracking shifts - but happy to have those
  5. OK - Here goes a tangent rant. You are way off base singling out toxic conversations on SA - its global. The increase in toxic mean-spiritedness over the last 10 years is the defining social trend of this age.. It is not an accident. It is not the first time the western world has given in to fear & hate with help from some ambitious power-seekers. Oldest fascist trick in the book - make people afraid and it is easy to get then to run in a herd. However, It is the first time that the western world was 100% covered by one or 2 media outlets that would publish any content with no
  6. cbulger


    Pretty sure there are plenty of rapist "who just slip away" in all walks of life.
  7. Nathan was just trying to help the umpires keep their spine in the face of Mr. Temper Tantrum. Given Ben's history of road rage on the water - a little back-up was in order. IMHO - Ben's ego/temper was an asset when he was sailing single handed pain machines, but it will continue to be his Achilles heel in the AC - its a fatal leadership flaw. However, crude poor-sports do make for good TV for the masses.
  8. No drama - it’s a fact that there are nomadic bands of athletic sailors and many of us use the public facilities like Sail Newport to access the water - but the fact is there are zero dinghy clubs on Narragansett Bay. No dedicated facility, no dedicated race committee to run regular events - those resources are dedicated to youth sailing and adults sailing keel boats.
  9. John Bertrand on Bar Karate podcast is a great listen on the winning approach to Olympic sports. Not only is Bertrand an Olympic Medalist in the Finn and America's Cup champ - but Australia tapped him to bring his winning approach to their suffering Olympic swimming program. He was never a competitive swimmer - but look at the results of his leadership approach in their medals collection in Japan. "You need to think 20 years forward to build a strong program" However, not sure his approach could restore US prowess in the athletic sailing that is done in the Olympics. In the saili
  10. I'm not promoting Olympic classes at the club level - better to use non-olympic classes like the 5o5 or F18. The US adult club scene hasn't just abandoned the Olympic classes, we have largely given up on sailing anything without lead - our version of the sport has significantly reduced the level of athleticism. I believe young American athletes see this and choose to spend their time on other sports where fitness is rewarded. If we want to compete at the athletic end of the sport, then our clubs and associations need to prioritize sailing without lead. A big obstacle to change here i
  11. Of course the future is the kids. But adults sail in the olympics (for now). My point is - you cant develop future adult athletes in a culture that has abandoned that part of the sport. In the US, 99.9% of the club resources, sponsor money and media are all focused on kids in slow boats then adults sailing keel boats in seated position. The US sailing community has abandoned athletic sailing. Telling a few kids to go sail fast boats by themselves while the American sailing scene dies something different, won't change the adult outcomes.
  12. Our junior sailing programs, high school and college - almost exclusively use less athletic slow boats. We are grooming slow keel boat sailors. But it’s wrong my to blame the junior programs. We are bad at adult athletic sailing, like the Olympics or AC, because our clubs have largely abandoned that type is sailing. Just compare our sailing capital to Sydney. On Sydney harbor you have fleets of adults sailing 18 skiffs. In Newport RI our best college sailors are channeled on to Sonars or sitting on bigger keel boats. No clubs on Narragansett Bay emphasize adult athletic sailing
  13. Don’t forget the most brilliant part of the cover-up - build a super boat and lose all the time - performing worse than other boats consistently for 10’years. Although they screwed up the cover-up when some of the best sailors in the world came up with breakthrough rig/sail set-up and broke the mound 11 losing streak. it was genius until then
  14. The fact that his team was called "Ben Ainslie Racing" is a kinda clue.
  15. After Grant and Max, are there any other top flight CEO’s out there. TH has no foiling development resume and showed a fatal flaw in talent selection - the most important skill for a CEO. Being committed to Quantum also an issue. He’s the man for a TP52 campaign, but the AC was too much. Ben has some killer driving chops, although he isn’t getting any younger. He is also an excellent fund raiser - and no cash no splash. But his strength may also be his fatal flaw - he wants to be the celebrity - tough to really lead the whole program while sailing, entertaining the money and posin
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