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  1. You guys are putting too much emphasis on the sailing team in San Fran. Remember, if it had been best of 7, or 9, or 11, or..... then the Kiwis win. Having the never ending regatta ensured gave a bigger advantage to the team with the most $. $ and the longer event meant that Oracle could just copy everything from TNZ. As my coach used to say - imitate, imitate, imitate, then innovate. No doubt the Oracle sailing team did their job, but in any other cup final format they are just another losing team.
  2. Did it make sense? Dalton pivoted away from old guys after SF and got the 3 best - most experienced high performance sailors - capable of helping design winning foilers. Maybe he snuck up on folks with this approach in Bermuda. But there was no excuse for taking that approach tontalwnt selection for the latest Cup. Like hiring a WWI fly ace to be test pilot for the space shuttle.
  3. The search firm that US Sailing hired is all about commercial sports - so US SAILING got a guy from their stable. Search firms have niches and its hard for them to work outside their niche. Whether they knew it or not, the Board elected this profile when they picked the firm. Hard to match the US Sailing mission with this hire's strengths - but then it's hard to tell what the mission really is. How would we measure success at US Sailing? Sailing could not be measured by any of the metrics used for commercially viable sports because sailing isn't remotely close to being commercially vi
  4. You are living in the past - when you the AC boat you launched was what you sailed in the Cup. If you paid attention, you would notice that for the recent AC, the bits in the water and the control systems were being changed every day. Without the right guys sailing the boat and providing design guidance, the part of the “design team” sitting at their computers are helpless. You see it in the UK camp - Ben’s results in the last 2 cups say he is a great great sailor - but a failure as part of the design team. He’s looking bing in the past as well.
  5. There is virtually no path in the US for "new people" who want to do athletic sailing in the US. Our junior pipeline focuses on small and slow - form opti's to 420's. If you are above 150lbs for guys and 120 for gals, then forget about college sailing. College grads can chose which lead mine they want to sit on at the local club, but they need to hire a private detective and have a large travel budget to find the small groups of nomadic American adults who chose athletic version of our sport. We currently have zero dinghy clubs on Narragansett Bay - sailing mecca? Relative to other s
  6. That is a good question. Billionaires???
  7. Nonsense. We don’t have a pipeline because adult Americans have largely given up on participating in athletic high performance sailing in favor of sitting in keel boats. Where are our dinghy clubs?
  8. After winning AC 35 as skipper, 10 time A Cat world champion GA was happy to trim for NO in the Superfoiler circuit. Now AC 36 runner-up skipper Checco is happy to trim for Nathan in SailGP. How was this guy on the beach for AC 37? Who made that call on AM?
  9. I’d guess the CEO title is somewhat aspirational at this stage - they have some CEO responsibility now - but the hope is that if/when SailGP is strong enough for teams to attract major sponsors, then these guys/gals will be in place to do the whole job.
  10. Keeping my speculation festival going...... Nathan announced Checco after spending a week with him racing Moths - so fits the narrative that Skippers/TeamCEO's have a hand in recruiting crew.
  11. Seems adding the Moth for men is a no-brainer. Fast and very athletic. You don’t have to be 470 super skinny or Finn huge. the Class has tons of history for all the heritage fanatics. AND the best sailors on the planet are sailing them even though they’re not yet an Olympic class and they don’t get paid. Adding the Wasp for women would also be A good call.
  12. I have no inside scoop on how the teams and their leaders/drivers are selected - but would be surprised if RC didn’t have an important vote. Having said that, if one of the team leads wanted DB or TH as a wing trimmer or grinder, then I’d expect RC would stay out of the decision.
  13. Hard not to notice the absence of AM afterguard from SailGP. Sir Russell is the best AC CEO ever and the critical skill in that job is talent identification.
  14. Probably true that SailGP won't make any money anytime soon. All the more reason for the sailing world to build a statue to Larry (yes, I'm aware that he is easy to hate). Larry ran a great regatta in Bermuda for AC36 - brought the sport forward - rules were fair enough for most talented team to win despite being underfunded. He lost the Cup and is now pouring funds into an alternative concept of what the pinnacle could look like. Who is doing more for the sport? The IOC? World Sailing? US Sailing?
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