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  1. Hi Paul, I'm glad to call you, Thanks for confirming the recent damage. however the circumstances surrounding the dis-proding are at a high level of danger to boat and crew. A large anchor and fractured carbon bowsprit flying around wildly at the end of the sail tack while underway is not something we ever wish to have happen while my wife and I are sailing. I have experienced this type of scenario - minus the bowsprit and huge anchor in flight - and can confirm that it is a difficult situation for just a crew of two to manage off-shore. It is life threatening.
  2. Hey Wes, I know you have been a staunch supporter and interested party in the R40/50 thread. I truly do not wish to stir a hornets nest with you and others who (like me) have an interest in the R40/50 Trimarans. As background; We own a Farrier F36/39 that we are on a circumnavigation on. We have spent more money on our Farrier than what a new R40 is supposed to cost. We were solid possibilities because we are looking for an off-shore capable tri with even more room and that would reliably fold. I have learned that The R50 in Palma has had another somewhat major issue. Apparently the boat
  3. So I think you know this already... but we have Ultra-2 that we used in North America and it worked great there. Once we made it to the Marquesas; it was practically worthless and stuff grew on it like a garden. We had to dive on the boat almost every week to clean the waterline on paint that was less than three months old. Before it worked fine for more than two years with only a dive in the spring. Needless to say, we wore the paint down but it didn't come off the main hull. Our amas had Vivid white which was worse because of the wear issue and this all came off to the barrier coat aft
  4. Could be any number of things. We ran TackTick (before Ray bought them out) for about three years. We abandoned the system after using it for just three years (Wind Speed, Direction, hull speed, Depth, Temp, ) This was due to a lack of reliability on the depth channel. But there were other issues along the way. The masthead unit has a battery that is charged by the solar panel built into the masthead transducer. These get old and need replacement. It does NOT like being stored in the dark or in the box for months at a time. There is a wind speed calibration, I assume you've looked at
  5. We have a daggerboard on a 40' Farrier trimaran and the board needs to be winched as it gets 'sticky at the top end and the bottom end of it's travel. The up-haul line passes thru a cheek block, a low friction ring, and then a deck organizer on it's way back to the cockpit. There is no block and tackle arrangement. Our line leads thru a clutch and then to a Lewmar Ocean 30 winch. We do not raise and lower our board while sailing since the trimaran goes as fast down wind with it down. We leave the board down. So we might not be using our control lines as often as you do. I don't know
  6. I was asking the owner (Merlin) before jumping to conclusions about what "glued" might refer to? ... and to 'elaborate' on his/her comment. So Merlin, Could you please elaborate on this. Why it was done? How it was done (i.e. did you only 'epoxy' the bolts, all the contact surfaces, or use cloth and epoxy to close the demountable joints. Was this done only out of an abundance of caution, or was it done to correct something you noted while sailing.
  7. So I am left wondering what "glued" means? Could you elaborate?
  8. 12M Dazcat on FB: https://www.facebook.com/commerce/listing/3975436649226388/?media_id=4&ref=share_attachment $89,000 brit pounds need a refit++
  9. Oh for goodness sakes; please just put this fellow on ignore and move on..,.
  10. T-Boy, We went ahead and ordered two of the KPW110's from Hurricane Rigging. Matt in Picton was awsome, great price and service. I can understand why you have worked with them on two boats now Thanks, John
  11. Thank-you for the recommendation. We need the extra trimmer power of the KPW at 1:110 for our jib loads that approach 1,200 pounds at times, usually when were sailing in 30 kn winds and above, and the boat is doing mid to high teens. >>> I see your from Auckland... We're in Kerikeri and Whangarei... Where did you purchase your Karver winches from?
  12. Anyone have recent experience with the Karver KPW winches (was Pontos before the Karver buy-out)....? I'm looking at the KPW110 model. Issues with maintenance or longevity of the clutch? Also looks like they are in stock at $3,400+ in Europe and the UK but I see them on Defender at $2,540 but Out Of Stock / Backordered. https://www.defender.com/product.jsp?name=karver-kpw110-extra-power-winch&path=-1|118|2358547|2358549&id=6516651 Fisheries used to sell them at $1,700 Any advice on a where to look for them?
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