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  1. Not quite as boring as an Aussie trying to tell Kiwis how to Defend the AC. Just sayin. Take your blinkers off SBD please don't tell me you like how the event is travelling at the moment.!
  2. Great result for Comanche the Big Indian is still king for now. ! Argo went in as favorites and well done to them for getting around this tricky course.
  3. As good as the Yellow Brick Tracker is the wind overlay seems way out. Boats sailing for windless holes according to YB but flying. LOL
  4. Argo doing well in the Multi's and Skorpios stretching but light patches ahead.
  5. The biggest difference with the trackers is the DTF and Distance per 24 hours etc. Not sure why the Yellow Brick tracker wasn't listed on the Middle Sea Race site as well.?
  6. Skorpios have regained the lead by gybing into better pressure and are now comfortably in front for now by around 4.5 miles. Interesting as it seems Skorpios now has the better boat speed whereas for the last few hours Comanche was faster. Long way to go and the gybing angles and pressure may decide who stretches?
  7. So far it seems Comanche is still king. In the breeze on her angles she is something special. I think Skorpios will want a little less breeze she is perhaps less sticky than the Indian? Anyway we shall soon see. Great race between these 2 giants but Skorpios would be a little disappointed given she is 25 feet longer.
  8. Yes Comanche in the lead Skorpios gybed away to the pressure line expect Comanche to follow soon. It's lighter closer to land. There's less pressure ahead so we'll see if they favors Comanche or Skorpios?
  9. YB Showing Comanche leading but no position report from Skorpios so I suspect the Beast will still be leading by around a mile
  10. Thank god for the Yellow Brick Tracker Argo is there and the big Indian shadowing Skorpios. Comanche may plane better than Skorpios or sooner? We know Comanche is super quick when the breeze is up especially reaching Skorpios will need those C Foils to work some magic to stay in front.
  11. So far the bigger boats going as per their waterline length. The Big Beast going half a knot quicker than Comanche. Mama with Lock Peyron in charge leading the Multi's. Skorpios so far sailing like a well drilled team. Watching her thunder out of the harbor was something special.
  12. Huge wrap to the Royal Malta Yacht Club for that coverage. First time ever they had multi camera's out on the course and it was a breath of fresh air in the Covid world.!
  13. 18 Knots in the harbour what more do you want. ! Reckon Rambler will be 1st out of the harbour bur after that can't wait to see if Comanche can go neck and neck with Skorpios
  14. Not long now conditions perfect for Rambler Comanche and Skorpios great live coverage on YouTube
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