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  1. So who do we all have for Bermuda? I think Slinger may struggle to go with Jimmy, Ben and Pete? Slinger has been racing Nathan until these guys came along. Ben cleaned up when he arrived, showed Slinger to be off his game a fair bit. How do we all see that now?
  2. Great to see this race on again even if it ends up down on numbers. Will be interesting to see if RIO100 can stay ahead of Pyewacket? 30 feet of waterline but fixed keel once would expect so but the Volvo's come into their own in certain conditions. Loki is racing under a new US owner too
  3. With around 20 days to go this Sail GP should be interesting. The Aussie dominance that once was came to an end at the hands of Sir Ben and Team UK. Now we have Jimmy and Pete Burling. Who do we all have to win the Bermuda Event? I have no idea but will go with this: 1. Pistol Pete 2. Sir Ben 3. Slinga 4. Outteridge 5. Jimbo and then the rest..
  4. Down to $225k which means offers of just under $200k I would have thought? Looks like he woke up from that good dream he was having and the shock of reality has kicked in.!
  5. You're not thinking laterally Hoggie. If they quit, it becomes more collectibl The fact that the boats are staying there is a good sign. I think Terry knows more but is doing the right thing until there is some certainty around the next event?
  6. Yes you missed it. Watch it again.
  7. Sounds like NYYC Club will be back. That's great news... https://fb.watch/4rFBw7IOkQ/
  8. You are a tosser.! I've never won the cup you idiot I'm an individual.
  9. Sadly for Americans who are passionate about the "Americas Cup" that America as a country are unlikely to ever win the Cup for a long time. They made it very hard for the challengers in so many ways for over 100 years until Australia came along and broke the stranglehold. And now we have one of the smallest countries in the world appear seemingly unbeatable. I wonder, we will see America challenge again after some would review as a disastrous campaign? And now I believe we may have Country of citizenship what does America have in it's wardrobe to be a threat once again?
  10. Good luck to him if he can make the big $$$. This is an elite sport, always has been. It's the playground for the rich and famous. Why stop at Dalton? What about Ainslie what do you think he's getting paid? And a SIR to boot. Grant has been good for the team, without his "CUNT" as you say would Team NZ be the team they are today? What about Coutts.? In the game of CEO's the best get the big bucks.! It's always been that way. Dalton has to perform and get the results and you don't always achieve that by being Mr Nice Guy.!
  11. Where have you been? The Poms are the new challenger of record.! LOL
  12. Congrats New Zealand but I think the format, the courses etc etc needs plenty of work. Love the boats. In the end only a few races were exciting.
  13. Shirley saying 2-5 knots quicker the Kiwis. SO the rumoured 5 knot advantage was true..! LOL
  14. The Italians fucked that up.! This could be it guys. Very hard for the slower boat to pass the faster boat.!
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