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  1. Humans also seem to have a need to over tighten things. This fractures the epoxy thread. Just nip it up and it will have a lot of holding power.
  2. It doesn't necessarily have any connection to sailing. Its the same reason why my kids are glued to TikTok. Its the newest thing so a certain group of trend followers have to do it. When a friend became an early adopter of kite boarding i asked him what he really liked about it - he said it was doing tricks and impressing others. I'm sure hes now doing wing foiling, or whatever else is the most newest thing. So to answer the OPs question - it will be the thing until the newer thing comes along. Sailors will still be sailing.
  3. Good working hypothesis, but I think it is the Viking guy. Same tone of snark as postings elsewhere (as the Viking guy) and Mantus is their obvious competition/ (cough) design inspiration.
  4. Particularly sad in that the piece probably constitutes the entire coverage of olympic sailing in the WaPo - now on to golfing.
  5. read this verbal atrocity in the WaPo about the Olympic events: https://www.washingtonpost.com/sports/olympics/2021/08/04/olympic-sailing-tokyo/
  6. I generally like your posts and you seem to demand fairness, equity etc. from other posters here. But what the heck with your dumping on Sam Holmes? Of all of the things to get excited about you decide to pick on this guy?
  7. Notified by letter. Has anyone had their credit cards compromised as a result?
  8. Why don't you just stay on the Harryproa Chat group? Seems like a no-brainer.
  9. Although examples of race boat incidents may not be a good comparison for cruising safety. Race boat crews do things like keeping full sail on in high wind conditions and running it to the ragged edge. In such situations a cruiser is reefed and the experience is not the same - apples to oranges. A well prepared boat and prudent skipper can go most places in most conditions and do, irrespective of the boat.
  10. Which begs the question, I wonder if it was worth it to have to call the CG out and have boats standing by all night, just to get that video?
  11. Its great that Zonker and Autonomous are reacting to a perceived criticism of Steve's work. I will say again that I am an admirer of the great work done by Steve and it was supposed to be a constructive comment. And, thanks for the homework assignment - that is the whole I point. I have tried to buy a Viking anchor and it cannot be had for love or money without a prohibitive freight bill from Europe. It IS an issue if Steve's testing reveals a "best" anchor that no-one can actually buy (in this case outside of Greece or Israel). So I'll ask again - has anyone actually managed to
  12. Quote "which makes it a bit pointless (for US based viewers)". Not like you to be snarky Zonker. Still, even though it seems that this has become a "positive comments only" thread, I would love to hear from someone who has actually managed to buy and take possession of a new Viking anchor, that is not in the Eastern Med.
  13. Butyl tape will work in any application requiring a sealer, but is not an adhesive so would need mechanical fasteners. You need to make the tape layer thinish or it can hold the fitting/rail too proud.
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