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  1. RTI for the first race, enjoy
  2. Any news on your rig? Delays have been all over the industry. I am still waiting on sails that were ordered in Dec and scheduled for 1 May. Made me switch my racing schedule to the West Coast on other boats.
  3. Spinnaker and no pilot, I love it. We do training session like this all the time, need to have this option at some races on the East Coast.
  4. Roy opened the registration for the NewEngland, RI Solo/Twin. This is a great race that is well run. Sign up at newportyachtclub.org Lets try and boost the singlehanded fleet this year.
  5. Use ZSpar in FL https://www.usspars.com/catalogs/ I have purchased parts from them with fast shipping, good prices and the on line catalog is accurate. I have the same spreader tips on my second spreaders. They are fine you just need to break them down, and service them every year, takes 15 min. And of course isolate the SS from the alum.
  6. Going carbon is nice if you can afford it. Would love to replace my Z351 with a carbon section. I did a lot of pricing and $28,000 ready to install was the lowest I could find, and lowest is rarely the best.
  7. Good point, I use a very deep third reef on the main. Have new one coming from Doyle, Stratus. And Stratus furling SS/HW jib on new inner chainplate and halyard going in this winter.
  8. Good suggestion, I have the Z-Spar Z351 on my second Archambault 31, the first one had a VMG SoroMap which I would not buy too soft. Very happy with the Z351, stiff and weight is great for alum. I have a two spreader with long aft raked spreaders, chain plates at sheer. Also suggest you do NOT go just bolt rope, add Ronstan Series 6 cars to the stock Z-351 section with a mast gate. Fast easy reefing, cars live on the mast by just pulling fast pins to remove main. Cars are ball bearing and as smooth as any Harken system I have used in the past on my Quest. Best of luck getting the
  9. I have had good luck selling sails, and gear on Anarchy classified. At the same time RI Craig's List works well.
  10. Book arrived, thanks Russell, great job. Lots of cool tips and tricks, worth every penny.
  11. Hi Bob, Here is the link to the group behind OffshoreDoubles.org. https://offshoredoubles.org/about/ I had a discussion with Stan about this site coming on line. That convinced me to sign up as soon as possible. I feel it will help sailors looking toward 2024, but aLso to help all shorthanded sailors. It is amazing how fast the shorthanded community has grown in the last eight months, more then the last 30 years I have been sailing single/double handed. All good.
  12. I have used Eric's Ultra Whip antenna and LMR coax on my last few boats, best set up you can buy for weight and VHF signal. And the coax is custom length, with great TNC cable ends.
  13. I have tried most of the options out there and these seem to work the best for me. Can walk in icy water in Feb (RI) to go SUP and a hour later feet are warm. Just don't walk on the socks without boots or sneaks, that will kill any waterproof sock. https://www.showerspass.com/products/crosspoint-waterproof-wool-crew-socks
  14. Thanks for the info. Great to have all that righting moment.
  15. Looks like fun. Do you use S-Sails only Frac? Looks like a reefing jib, about to add one, who built it?
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