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  1. O’Reilly auto parts sells rebranded Dekka marine batteries. The heavier with most ah the better. Way cheaper than WM. Check the specs. Same batteries both made by East Penn. You might consider their AGM battery instead of the FLA batteries.
  2. Buy a Johnson Pump head complete unit for $120. Replace about every 7 yrs. Easy Peasy https://www.hodgesmarine.com/joh80-47230-01-johnson-pump-comfort-manual-toilet.html?utm_source=bing&utm_medium=cpc&utm_campaign=Shopping - All Products&utm_term=1100200315462&utm_content=Shopping - All Products
  3. You won't find any J/92s for 35k Canadian, 35k US-maybe with trailer
  4. Curious, do the VPPs accurately predict planing? What effect does wave state play? I used to hear about pitching gyradius in the IMS days.Can someone explain? isn’t part of the “secret” part of ORR the subjective manipulation to offset poor predictions of speed due to bad foil design?
  5. Over the years I’ve had several heads. I now buy cheapJohnson Pump manual heads. They last 8 years or more. Unscrew the 4 bolts holding them down and install a new one in about 15 minutes. Current price for one is $108. My only tip is that I keep a gallon jug of freshwater in the head compartment. Never use sea water to flush with
  6. I lived in Indiana for 8 years. 3 years in Bloomington. Lake Monroe isn’t that bad. 1-1/2 hours from your location. Tanzer 22, Paceship 23, Hunter 23 all have swing keels. Merit 22/23 would be my pick if you could find one.
  7. So you are on Geist Reservoir near the Indianapolis Sailing club. How about a Capri 22 or Merit 22. Somehow I think you know a little bit more about boats than you let on. Didn’t you used to own a Hobie 33? Hot tip for Geist. Watch for people grilling out on shore. Expect a micro puff when they light up their gas grill. Noted light air venue.
  8. This boat started out as S2 7.9. Locally referred to as a Sawzall 26. Freeboard reduced by cutting deck off and some of the topsides. Doghouse revised,custom keel, rudder. Phrf in the 140s ? They raced against a Mariah 27 at the Erie Yacht Club. Can’t recall how they did. Call the guy who owned the Mariah, Pigs at Sea. He knows about this boat. Al at Quantum Detroit could put you in touch with Pigs owner.
  9. Thanks Pelle. I have a 30 foot sprit boat with 5.5 foot sprit. Pole is 11.5 as is the J. S Spinnaker sized for pole. Considering using A3 and A 1.5 for A sails. 140%, 105% for jibs. May even consider a jib top instead of a Code O (which I don't have). The good thing is that I already have these sails. Race is the 200mi Bayview Mac. Double handed.
  10. Interesting info. Anyone have an idea of how ORC treats using a retractable centerline sprit with A sails and also a J length pole with a symmetrical?
  11. Lots of retirements. Light air. Melges 32 Flat Stanley beating Arctos, Andrews 70 boat for boat. Wow.
  12. I’m 71. I have a J/92 that I single hand and DH with my wife. Tides track and RF make it easy to sail. Great in light air. Interior is manageable for 2 and it has a real marine head with holding tank. Used with trailer they can be found in the mid 30s. Draft is 5.9 feet. Cheaper than the Alerion 28, Harbor 25 and J/100 by a bunch. On days you are feeling young again you can pop the A3 and leave the above mentioned boats in the dust. (Maybe not the J/100 if they have a sprit.
  13. Definitely a mix of liberal and conservative politics and culture in Staunton. Much more conservative than nearby Charlottesville.
  14. Hey Steph2me is SML only 2 hours from Staunton? My wife wants to move to Staunton to be near our young grandkids. I might consider it if racing/sailing is that close. Probably have to sell our boat. Staunton is a pretty nice place.
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