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  1. And here's me shivvering by the gas logs with 3rd cup of coffee
  3. @Sail4beer @ + start typing user name and it should pop up @fastyacht
  4. Not NORTH Carolina. Also, that photo removed just how much slope is there
  5. Here's a re-post of one I did in October that nobody guessed. I may have been too careful with my camera angle for anyone to get it.
  6. Park City Sailing Association
  7. I wonder if you can quit your job at Chick-fil-A because you want to work on Sunday and still draw unemployment there?
  8. If I can indulge in a bit of bothsiderism, rarely does a mention of a woman in PA not include comments about fuckability.
  9. I think Phil would have made that jib non-overlapping with a balanced club foot to make it self vanging/shorter sprit (unless you meant it to be a flat spin). I suppose any sort of lug is right out due to the foremast being so far fwd?
  10. They self-cancelled the Dixie from the band name. Might have regained some of the thicker of the lost fans who can't keep up
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