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  1. Alternate thread titles: Covid City Madman Ted Catch Fever Stranglecold
  2. tl;dr Edit- there's my snarky "joke" ruined by a simultaneous post AND an unexpected new page.
  3. The "download full specs" link has interior description that boils down to; chart table, 4 pipe berths and 2 cloth "lockers" fuckithereisapic
  4. Longest extension ladder that fits inside your box. Take it apart so you have two pieces. Use the 2 pieces as ramps to slide boat up the box. 2 wood cradles for boat that double as trolley cars on the ladders and roof rack cradles. HDPE or some other plastic on faces that bear on ladder verticals. A line over, around and back under trailer to one of the loader people should have enough friction when loaded to easily belay the assembly. Put a video on YouTube so you can share it with anyone inexperienced with your system. Or Some sort of pin rail system inside rear door of tra
  5. Shouldn't matter if the cone clutch is sintered metal or an organic facing, atf should not hurt it. If there were heavy bevel gears that required GL-4/GL-5 that's a different story. As stated several times already, of course use the recommended fluid (unless field experience has proven a recommended fluid is sub-optimal). If it shifts ok and is quiet with correct fluid spec and level restored, relax. This is one we'll be still arguing about a year from now innit
  6. I usually watch them at 1.25 speed on the yt app and it really doesn't seem rushed at that speed. Leo talks pretty slowly.
  7. I miss the days of newspaper ads where you placed your ad by phone with hilarious misunderstandings printed daily. The two I still remember are 16' open bowel runabout 14' hobby cap
  8. RIP are sweet prince. He's with the angles now.
  9. Pro tip; <productbrandname>techinfo.com usually takes you to the portal for all the vehicle info you need but most isn't free. https://www.johndeeretechinfo.com/ No idea how complete the available info is in J-D's case v what is supplied to dealers. With Volvo (cars) the info I sometimes need to make a diagnosis without just shotgunning parts does not exist. Sometimes it is due to inadequate technical data publications and sometimes their diagnostic interface is not programmed to full display chains of data across a network. Volvo diagnostic scanner interface is abso
  10. I bet you do you dirty old bollocks
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