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  1. Thanks everyone, went with square knot and super glue. Nice trick. Just the right effort level for me and I can tie the square knot without looking in a book (usually).
  2. Screw one of those side mount leech line clams to a piece of closet rod?
  3. Going batty trying to tie double fishermans knot in small slippery single braid line to tie blocks on a dinghy boom with no stack. Is there an easier way to do this?
  4. No Feet Pete somewhere below knee.
  5. Leo did mention full re-cast plan for the keel.
  6. @ortegakid you need this one
  7. 2 kids named Fox will probably cause some confusion
  8. Those are OLD England boats (mostly)
  9. When I put the car in reverse, I say 'Ah, this takes me back' The kids absolutely love that gag.
  10. Pay $3.5m for this and sell it immediately for scrap would be the most profitable scenario.
  11. Was constantly on about going to South Sandwich Islands or some equally unachievable goal
  12. That isn't a bad series, it's on one of the streaming services (Netflix, I think) The Lizzy Kaplan character is a bit strange but doesn't ruin the show.
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